Fabrics for Binding

This is the striped fabric I want to use to bind Ferris Wheels, but I’m not sure I’ll have enough of it for a bias binding.  It’s a half-yard piece, so it may be rather close. The quilt is 45″ x 60″ and I plan to use a 2.25″ double-fold bias binding. I’ll work out the math as soon as I get the quilting finished and am keeping my fingers crossed that this will be enough.

This is my second choice.  Not as much fun as the striped fabric, but the colours do work with the fabrics used in the quilt.

Baxter had a very busy day on Wednesday. He has discovered “Baxter TV”, looking out on the roof garden from the window.  Wednesday he was sitting on the windowsill watching, we think, the robins’ nest. His tail was twitching and he was chattering as he watched.

Later on we caught him in mid-yawn.

He has favourite toys which always end up under furniture. So a new daily event is one of us down on the floor fishing toys out from under furniture. He seems to quite like helping us retrieve his toys.

12 thoughts on “Fabrics for Binding

  1. binding option 3, use all of the stripe & if there isn’t enough add in a bit of the green.
    (They go together… You get to use your first choice… People will wonder about why you did it… etc.)


  2. You should have plenty with the stripe. I think stripes make such wonderful binding! Love the photos of Baxter. Isn’t that the truth about kitty TV? That is the best entertainment for them, plus us fishing toys out from under doors and furniture.


  3. I haven’t done the maths but I think you should have plenty with the stripes too. You could take the strip size a little narrow to 2″… this is the size I default to usually. Gives a nice tight almost pipeing style binding. The stripes will look great on a slant 🙂
    Baxter is getting ready for Halloween in the first picture, LOL… He’s gorgeous! Ellyx


  4. Great photo of Baxter in mid-yawn. He does look like he is laughing as someone commented. My cats love when I go on a toy-hunting expedition and get all the toys and milk jug rings and whatever else they’ve lost under the stove & refrigerator & dressers. It’s like Christmas!


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