Red and White Stars

The first row of the stars is almost together. Two more full stars and a couple of partial stars and row 1 will be finished. This is turning into the project I want to work on when I’m tired, as it’s a fast and easy stitch. The camera wouldn’t, for some reason, read the red fabric well. I’m going to join rows as I stitch so that when the stitching is finished, the top will be finished as well. Once a couple of rows are together, I think we’ll take this out to the roof garden and see if we can get a better shot outdoors.

You may have noticed I’ve been changing the blog around a lot this week. Finally, I’ve got it to the point I’m happy with it. So no more changes for a while.

Baxter was 3 months old on Saturday and we got this shot of him. He’s definitely getting longer and I think we’ll soon see the wonderful Maine Coon tail.

13 thoughts on “Red and White Stars

  1. New blog look rocks! Love the stars. 100% in heart with the stars. Great to read how you plan to work this quilt. Continuously building. Dig it! *me.


  2. Baxter is already a great posing kitty! He looks a bit too calm there, perhaps it was taken after a very busy day of running and playing with your fabric!

    I LOVE those stars!!


  3. Some colours, for whatever reason, don’t always photograph well – green is notorious for that! Your red stars look a little dark, they are probably much brighter than they look. Big hugs to gorgeous Baxter.


  4. Hooray a project that is almost completed!! I too love Baxter’s ears and his little mouth that looks like he has a Moo-stache LOL



  5. These are looking good Cathi 🙂 and such a fabulous picture of kitty Baxter 🙂 He is so photogenic.
    I’m so pleased you lost the black borders on your blog ;)) It’s looking good.


  6. I have to say that honestly, I’ve enjoyed getting your posts sent directly to my email. YAY!!!!~
    or else, I’d be very behind…. so, thank you . I look forward to having time to see your blog directly and all that you’ve worked on.
    I think it is a great idea to “re-do” your signature quilt in red &whites!!! what a great idea!
    Oh, that Baxter… I’d just love on him ALLLL day long. I’d never get a THING done, if he were around. THat is a PRECIOUS kitty. I love how he keeps evolving,,, that little papion


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