A Baxter Day

It was just too hot to stitch yesterday. While we have air conditioning and the apartment isn’t hot, the heaviness of this incredibly hot, humid weather made holding a needle and fabric and stitching unattractive. I can’t believe I just said that!  Today is supposed to be even worse.

I love this picture of Baxter. It really shows off his amazing eyes. He has been gazing at the sewing table. I think I have to clear it off this weekend completely as there’s fabric on there and he has proven that he loves to chew on fabric.

This is how Baxter beats the heat — sprawled out on the couch. We’ve been putting ice cubes in his water bowls to ensure his water stays cool longer.

16 thoughts on “A Baxter Day

  1. I had to click and see a close up so I could see which bit of him was which… that doesn’t look too comfortable Baxter, LOL…. What a cutie 🙂
    I’m with you on sticky heat. Especially for hand sewing. I usually take a heap with me to my mum’s in south Spain and it’s always way to hot and sticky to sew, she doesn’t have ac 😦 My hands get very hot and my fingers swell up and become stiff. Bunnyhugs to Baxter. Ellyx


  2. Humidity can be very uncomfortable, and very enervating…..makes it difficult to get motivated to do anything. How is Baxter coping, apart from stretching out and having iced water delivered?


  3. Keep the ice cubes going at least another few days. Here in Nebraska it was 103 yesterday but it is raining this morning and the temps have really dropped, two more days and it should be gone where you are…maybe. 🙂

    Baxter is already in his Yin Yang position! So darn cute! You need to make a grey and white block for him to chew on, poor kitty, just loves the feel of fabric like everybody else.


  4. yes hot here too but I manage to keep the house cool enough so I can stitch – of course we are used to hot summers and have ceiling fans in every room also.


  5. Oh, to be that flexible again! Can you send some of your heat this way to BC? We’ve had more than our share of rain and cool weather so far this year here in the interior’s “desert”. My two cats don’t mind it, though, especially long-haired Rusty. I’ve only had to turn the air conditioner on for them once this summer.


  6. Oh yes, to be a cat in this heat!!! So I can contort upside down to catch a cool breeze….wait, what breeze? There isn’t a breeze, not even hot, to be found around here. Right now, it might be cooler to climb into the car and turn on the AC. This townhouse is sucking up all the poor two AC units are putting out and leaving no cool air for us. OIY! I can complain as I never said I wouldn’t…lol, in the winter, I heard and read where people were wishing for the heat, not me. I don’t care for extreme temperatures in any direction. Well, you know I do love the pictures of Baxter!


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