Choosing Fabrics

There’s going to be some printing this weekend — actually, lots of printing — shabby chic yin yang shapes, more of the brown and gold ones for the contented kitty quilt too and the setting pieces for the summer Dresden. That’s the plan for the weekend. I took a break Thursday afternoon and started picking out the shabby fabrics. The browns and golds are already out and waiting to be printed.

Doing a lot of printing at once suits the way I like to work. Once I get all the printing done, then I can concentrate on stitching the blocks. It’s so fast that I can likely have everything I need done for the 3 quilts in an afternoon.

Don’t forget about the giveaway. You can still enter the giveaway here until midnight tonight. The winner will be announced on Saturday.

Smudge on the sofa, looking towards the window.

4 thoughts on “Choosing Fabrics

  1. Just think, by the end of next week you’ll have all those quilts pieced and ready to quilt! Then you’ll have to start another one!
    Smudge looks cute sitting there basking in the light!


  2. It’s fun to rummage around in the quilting stash. I got to do a little the other day, looking for fabrics for a Hug block. Finally I have a couple of days to myself and can get the block made!!



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