A Few More Dresden Plates

This is one of the projects I’m trying to stay focused on. I have the setting all planned out and, given how quickly these plates go together, have hopes of having the top done within a month. That, of course, is if I can stay focused on it. Those Yin Yang blocks keep calling to me and I have a setting for them figured out as well.

We had some crazy weather on Wednesday. It was very hot, which I really enjoyed, but right around the dinner hour the sky got dark and the wind was fierce.  We saw tons of lightning, heard long rumbles of thunder and had a bit of rain, but that was it. They say we may have thunderstorms today.

I’ve been woefully bad at responding to comments this week. Why? Because I’m working on a secret project that has been taking up a ton of time and demanding some rather intense concentration. With any luck, I’ll be able to share this by Monday. I hope to get caught up on comments between now and the time the weekend is over.

Smudge was posing in the pink chair, and wasn’t the least bit interested in the wind and thunder Wednesday evening.

9 thoughts on “A Few More Dresden Plates

  1. I love the dresdens! They are such a classic block and look great in the fabrics that you chose. We also have been having strange weather too. But I am loving the heat for sure.


  2. I really love this project too, the colors are sooooo pretty!! I’m really looking forward to seeing what this secret project is :0)



  3. I love those Dresden blocks! That will be a wonderful quilt top!
    Hmmmmmmmm….secret project, does it have to do with Inklingo or kittens?
    On the news they showed the lightning hitting the CN tower in Toronto.


  4. You are teasing us with the Secret Quilter’s Business! Smudge looks alert this evening. You are having a thundery summer, and we are having the coldest winter for a few years.


  5. Cathi, those dresdens are so classy. You always make everything look so easy. (grin) Smudge looks very alert in this picture. We have storms coming in right now. At least the heat has broken. Have a great day.


  6. You have such great color sense. Love these blocks. I am intrigued with how you work. I also have lots of things going at one time. It keeps me interested.


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