Bloggers’ Quilt Festival, Spring 2011

Amy's Creative Side
It’s that time of year again, when Amy at Amy’s Creative Side is hosting the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival.   There are all sorts of beautiful quilts entered — lots of eye candy and tons of inspiration.

I decided to show the first applique quilt I made.  It was all done by  hand — the piecing, applique and quilting.  Each plate has 20 blades, and looking at it now I realize that it has to be the scrappiest of the quilts I’ve made.  In it are some novelty prints, batiks, ’30s repros, checks, stripes and florals.

That was the first time I used a fusible batting and I remember the day I basted it — we vacuumed and vacuumed the living room carpet, laid out the backing, batting and the top and then out came the iron.  It seemed like it took next to no time and the quilt was ready to quilt.

There’s something about Dresden Plate variations that I always seem to have been drawn to.  Not only have I made this one, but also Ferris Wheel (which is about to be quilted), the new one I’ve started and showed yesterday and yet another which is in the planning stages.

Now I think I’ll spend a lot of time over the next few days looking at all the gorgeous quilts being shown.  This has to be the best way to go to a great quilt show — no travelling, no line ups, no trying to get a good view.  Just click on the links and you’re there.

Smudge continues to improve.  Here he was reaching for the toy basket in typical Smudge fashion.  He’s a very laid-back cat!

13 thoughts on “Bloggers’ Quilt Festival, Spring 2011

  1. Your Dresden Plate quilt is very beautiful! And all sewn and quilted by hand, wow!
    A Dresden Plate is on my to-do list for years now, think I have to start it soon!
    PS: your cat is very cute! 🙂


  2. Oh, NO, another place to view quilts when I should be working on quilts! Nice site, though!
    I like your scrappy quilt!
    Smudge is looking happy again.


  3. I absolutely love this quilt. It’s what my heart strives for – that natural, soft, antique feel. Just amazing. A favorite.


  4. Hi Cathi,

    I think your first quilt is so beautiful. The bloggers’ Festival is a great way to look at quilts.
    So glad that Smudge is improving. Have a great day.



  5. LOVE IT! I can only hope to achieve an all hand sewn quilt!…My first love has always been the Dresdens…Very happy to hear that Smudge is on the upswing!…Annie


  6. Love it! The Dresden Plate is one of my favorite quilt blocks … I made one quite similar to yours as one of my first applique quilts also. It took a very long time to complete and I didn’t piece or quilt it by hand, so I can imagine how much time and work this one has invested in it! Beautiful work!


  7. It’s beautiful … love the soft look of this quilt as well as your new blade block. There is something about these type of blocks that keep drawing me in too.

    Glad to hear that Smudge is doing better.


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