New Summer Quilt Project

Ever since I finished the Ferris Wheel top, I’ve been playing with the idea of another Dresden Plate quilt.  I finally succumbed on the weekend and started to print the shapes for the pointed blade on a layer cake of Fig Tree’s Buttercup collection.

Years and years ago, I started a pointed blade Dresden Plate but the dozen or so blocks that I did finish ended up in the orphan block box.  They were small 6″ blocks and it was going to take dozens upon dozens of them to make a quilt.  Since then, I’ve repeatedly thought about making one with the pointed blades, but didn’t want to go through that whole process of folding the blades to get the pointed tip. Using one of the blades in the Dresden Plate Fancy Pieced collection was the solution.

I haven’t attached the background to the plate yet.  It’s going to be a wonderfully feminine summer quilt, one that I can almost see draped over a white wicker chaise. Not that we have a white wicker chaise, but that’s the sort of setting I can imagine for this quilt.  It will be very soft, very feminine and a perfect summer project.  When it’s ready to quilt, this one absolutely has to have a silk batt.

Smudge seems to be improving.  We have found foods that he’s happy to eat.  Last week there was a lot of syringe feeding done until Friday, when he finally started to eat sufficient amounts on his own.  Obviously we’ll have to watch his food intake carefully and be ready to jump in with syringe feeding, but I’m feeling optimistic that maybe we’ve turned a corner.  He’s curling up in his kitty bed, and is acting more like himself.

Here he was taking a break after some play time with his favourite toy, Cappy.

20 thoughts on “New Summer Quilt Project

  1. Absolutely LOVE this new project already 🙂 Those fabrics are so gorgeous as is your piecing. Looking forward to seeing more.
    I’m so happy to read that Smudge is improving again. When I hadn’t heard from you I was fearing the worst.
    But I know just how much time syringe feeding takes up so I’m glad it has paid off and he’s eating himself again.
    Bunnyhugs to you all, Ellyx


  2. Yes, definitely a romantic feminine quilt! Always love florals too! Glad to hear that Smudge is acting more normal. I bet that makes your heart just feel so much better.


  3. I love the fabrics you have chosen for your Dresden Plate blades! The background floral is gorgeous! It will be a beautifully romantic quilt! 🙂

    I’m so glad Smudge is responding well to the syringe feeding.


  4. So happy to hear that Smudge is getting better!
    And it shows with your incredible Dresden block! That will be another awesome quilt! Glad to have you back!:)


  5. Hello Cathi! I’m happy to hear that Smudge is feeling better! Your new quilt looks beautiful with those light summer colours!
    xxx Teje


  6. Oh Cathie, this is going to be such a beautiful quilt!!

    I’m so happy to hear that our Smudge is doing so much better!!



  7. I’m glad Smudge is better. The colors in that dresdon plate are so soothing. I can see the pieced one would be more fun for you. Maybe the others you have made can be alternated with another block to make a little quilt.


  8. Cathi,
    I am so glad that Smudge is eating again and you were able to do some piecing. The dresden block is beautiful. You always amaze me with your piecing and fabric choices……they are perfect!!
    Hugs, Barb


  9. This will be a very beautiful quilt Cathi!
    I am sorry to hear Smudge has not been feeling well… glad to find him doing better now. I imagine he DOES love that scratch toy! 🙂


  10. Your quilt is going to be beautiful – I love the fabrics you’ve chosen. I’m so glad Smudge is picking up – I hope he continues to enjoy playing with Cappy!


  11. oh gasp! :O your Dresden block is so very feminine, romantic and beautiful!…hope you will share the finish!…Just wonderful to hear Smudge is doing better! I have been worried all week and saying prayers for all of you…Blessing s of Peace and Joy to all…Annie


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  14. It’s spring and I wonder if our kittehs don’t have allergies just like we do! Also, there’s a lotta lickin’ goin’ on at my house: lickin’ = hairballs. Smudge is a pretty hairy guy, just like Bhu!


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