Quick Update

Blog posts are going to be a bit sporadic over the next little while as we’re back to where we were with Smudge last November — back to syringe feeding, et cetera.  We’re not sure if the loss of Lester is what has brought this back or if it was a normal progression but, whatever the cause, my attention is going to be pretty much focused on Smudge.

I am leaving comments open for now but will likely only be responding to them with brief updates via blog posts.

28 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Dear Cathi, Hope is the thing with feathers
    That perches in the soul
    And sings the tune-without the words,
    And never stops at all………
    Emily Dickinson
    Love your blog. Rae Parkin.


  2. I hope that Smudge’s health improves. I enjoy your posts so much because Smudge looks just like my “Punkin”. Again, I hope that he feels better…Lynda Lois


  3. I am so sorry for your loss of Lester. I totally missed the postings about him. I feel sad for you that Smudge is not well either and I hope he will get better soon. Sending you both big hugs.


  4. Cathi,
    I really hope Smudge recovers and stays on the right track of a healthy life! He’s lucky to have people like you and Mr Q.O. caring for him!


  5. So sorry to hear that Smudge is not doing well again 😦 …My heartfelt prayers are with you all and hoping dear Smudge is feeling better soon!…Blessings of Love and Peace to you…Annie


  6. Many hugs to you, Cathi! Been thinking of you… you do what you need to do! We will still be here. Don’t feel like you have to write me back. Just know that I am with you in thoughts.



  7. Follow your blog regularly and I was so sorry when Lester passed. Now your Smudge is ill….thought he was doing better. Anyway, just want you to know I’m sorry and pray he gets better. Loved seeing all the great pictures of your kitties. Lester was the biggest ‘kitty’ I’ve ever seen! Thank you for sharing your fur babies with the rest of us. Pat Mc


  8. I am writing this with tears streaming down my cheeks. I have gotten way behind in reading my posts and am just now reading about Lester. I scolled back to April to see what had happened. Please forgive me for not offering a word of support sooner. I do hope Smudge recovers completely and please know you all are in my prayers.


  9. I too am behind on blog reading and didn’t realize you had lost Lester. I am so sorry. I do hope that Smudge rebounds. I saw your POTC quilt hanging in Paducah. It is just gorgeous! Take good care of Smudge and yourself.


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