I’ve started putting together one of the elements for the borders of the X’s and O’s quilt.  These little 4″ blocks go together so quickly that I don’t think it will take long at all to get this part of the border ready to put together.

The back of one of the little blocks.

We’re definitely going to have a couple of days of milder temperatures.  If the forecast is correct, we may hit 50 on Friday!  It looks like it will go back to the cold winter weather shortly after that, but what a treat to get a day that warm in February.

Lester continues to improve.  Mr. Q.O. was taking pictures of the boys, focusing on their paws.

Smudge was showing off his paws while he slept.

11 thoughts on “Melons

  1. I think your weather is a day or two behind me in Utah as we just sent on a beautiful almost 60 degree day yesterday to a freezing snowy morning today.
    BRRRR back to about 30 F here!
    Kitty paws are always a source of interest to a kitty! LOL


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