Low Contrast Stormy Seas

A low-contrast Stormy Seas block.  I’d like to get this top completed relatively quickly, so am going to try to complete two of the blocks each week.

I’m still trying to resist starting something with the Winding Ways shapes.  There’s something so magical about putting that block together that I find it almost impossible to resist.  I’m trying to bribe myself with the promise I can start a Winding Ways project when I get something finished — the baby quilt, the pink and cream or another toddler quilt that has been waiting to be quilted for ages.

My wrists were hurting Monday, so I decided to stay away from doing anything that would aggravate them and it worked.  By late Monday evening, the pain had pretty well gone completely.   So today I will catch up with responding to comments.

It was a cold day on Monday and both cats found places to snooze.  Lester sprawled out on the loveseat.

Smudge in one of those poses that always makes me laugh.

6 thoughts on “Low Contrast Stormy Seas

  1. How can anyone not love a kitty, especially when they look like yours??!! Precious little friends….and a lovely quilt block, too! Can’t wait to see what you do with Winding Ways…your creations are always an inspiration! Thank you for sharing.


  2. Smudge! Zoomer has a message for you. I’ll try to pass it on verbatim … if I can remember the whole thing … oh yeah — “EAT, DUDE!”.

    Poor sweetie (and poor mom!) – five steps forward, 1 step back – it’s a slow process, I know, so I hope things continue to improve overall. Z is doing quite well, for which I’m very thankful. We still measure his progress by daily results, so it’s slow and steady here too! Our boys sure are keeping our lives interesting!


  3. The photos of Smudge and Lester here look very similar to the ones on the next post LOL! Must be lounging cat time. I just love your Storm at Sea blocks. But then again, I love all your projects 🙂


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