Baby Quilt Top Finished

It’s pressed and ready to baste.  Hopefully that will happen this afternoon.  It finished at 38 x 27.  Names for quilts usually don’t present a problem for me but not this time.  I cannot come up with a name I like at all.  Maybe once I start quilting it something will come to me that works for it.  Suggestions are more than welcome.

We’re in the midst of doing some reorganizing and, as part of that reorganization, I’m hoping to free up an area in the apartment where I can use a wall as a design wall.  That would be great for photographing something like this little quilt.  For today’s photo, we laid it out on the floor and Smudge had to immediately come to inspect.

Monday I spent a bit of time trying to get more comfortable with EQ.  Today I plan to spend more time.  I am not finding it a very intuitive program at all, but hopefully it will become easier the more time I spend using it.

We think that Smudge has turned a corner.  He started eating a lot on his own on the weekend.  And eating.  And eating some more.  That was a huge relief!  The next step will be getting him off the kitty junk food and back on to some of the better foods.  We also managed to find some foods that have no tuna in them that he likes.  Here he was relaxing after one of his meals.

This picture of Lester makes me laugh.  He looks like he’s sleeping sitting up.

19 thoughts on “Baby Quilt Top Finished

  1. wow, I love this and hope to make one someday too. Its awsome 🙂

    I think I have now got my own Inklingo working, just needed different freezer paper.

    I enjoy reading your blog and i know i dont comment often but its your quilts that made me look at Inklingo and more recently got me back into quilting after I had my daughter (2.5yr old now).


  2. Sweet quilt Cathi…it reminds me of those little pinwheels we used to get as children. Smudge looks very content with his full belly and Lester reminds me of my grandfather in his last years when you’d catch him catnapping while sitting up LOL! Mouth open to snore LOL!


  3. The quilt came out beautifully!! It is no wonder Smudge wanted to sit on it!! So glad that Smudge is doing way better. I am continuing to send good thoughts and prayers his way.


  4. Sometimes, I have a problem with naming quilts and just end up calling it by the block name. Not very creative, is it? I, too, find EQ non-intuitive. I sometimes have to go back to my vector based drawing program (CorelDraw) to get something done. But that said, it IS getting a bit easier and I think it is just practice and learning where everything is located within the program.


  5. It turned out beautifully. Sorry I can’t help with the name – I am hopeless at that – I wish quilts didn’t have to have names. In my art I usually just title it what it is – I guess the equivalent would be the quilt block name – definitely not very creative as Paula just said.


  6. Love the quilt! How about “Pinwheels in Baby Paradise”?

    If a cat is drawn to a quilt, that gives it the stamp of approval. Lester looks like he might be comtemplating a sneeze!
    I to , have EQ, but have never really gotten into it, but then there’s my Inklingo waiting for me ,too! 🙂


  7. LOL good luck getting the Mister off of the junk food – it’s a hard (even impossible!) transition for humans, so I imagine it’s hard for our furbabies as well 😀 I don’t think we’ll ever get Z off of tuna now that he’s developed a taste for it!

    I have EQ6 and I’m not very impressed with it – the learning curve is huge, and it just doesn’t do things in a simple easy manner – everything is such a production. I have it on my old dinosaur laptop and didn’t install it on my new one because I just don’t use it very often. I think if they made it with 1/4 of the features it would be a lot easier to use!


  8. The baby quilt does remind me of those little windmills on sticks! Whirligigs, we used to call them….or whirligiggles, if we were being silly. The quilt has had the Smudge seal of approval, I see. Lester looks like our cats do at times….the lights are on, but nobody’s home……


  9. WOW! You sewed this up fast! It looks wonderful Cathi 🙂 Reminds me of those colourful pinwheel whirlgigs you get at fairgrounds. So happy Smudge has turned a corner. hugs Ellyx


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