Seven Sisters

The third of the blue and white Seven Sisters blocks is done.  This is a very long-term project, as I’ve only made 3 or 4 of them over the past year.  The little stars are amazingly quick to put together and I’ve finally found a stitching sequence when putting the blocks together that involves lots of continuous stitching and seems much faster.

The back:

The baby quilt didn’t get basted on Tuesday, but will this week.  I’m getting very close to putting the pink and cream star top together.  There are only two more blocks left to which I need to add the setting triangles and squares, which I can probably get finished today.  Then it will be time to add the sashing and borders which I plan to do by machine.  At this rate, I’ll be ready to baste it at the same time as the baby quilt — and a couple of other tops that will be wallhangings.

Our vet called on Tuesday and we’re taking Smudge in on Friday for a weigh-in and colour check.  He’s definitely eating more on his own, so it will be interesting to see what his weight is now.

A close-up of Lester.

10 thoughts on “Seven Sisters

  1. Have always liked this block and love the blue! I find hand sewing so relaxing and on patterns like this one the results are usually better than machine sewing. Perhaps you would consider a little tutorial on the sequence you are using t join your pieces?


  2. Love that block! But be careful of finishing too many projects at once or you’ll have to start so many at once to make up for it! That would be a hard thing to do, right?
    Your kitties look very happy today!


  3. The blue/white make a bold contrast for the seven sisters….so attractive! Looks quite enjoyable too….plus could use a good bit of scraps up along the way! Hope Smudge gets a gold star at the vets office…he’s kept you both in worry land for way too long! Hugs to all!


  4. Hi Cathi! Lovely project this 7 sisters! Again I’m looking how you connect the pieces, not the easiest one! Hugs for your sweet cats!
    xxx Teje


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  6. Gorgeous blue block – one of my earliest quilt book purchases (and still one of my favourites) was Mary Elizabeth Johnson’s “Star Quilts”. She shows Seven Sisters in that. Hugs to the kitties!


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