Pickled Ladies 13 & 14 and Progress to Date

Two more pickled ladies were completed this week.

And here’s the group of pickled ladies so far.

They were laid out on the floor and, while I was picking them up after the photograph was taken, Lester was very interested!  I was racing to pick them up before he came to inspect as he has a tendency to want to lick and/or bite things like quilt blocks.

Smudge was curled up in a kitty bed with his favourite toy, Cappy, well and truly anchored beneath him and a couple of other toys within paw’s reach.  You can just see the tip of Cappy peeking up.

19 thoughts on “Pickled Ladies 13 & 14 and Progress to Date

  1. Isn’t that the start of a gorgeous quilt! Must admit I was unsure about the fabric combinations – shabby chic florals with black and white – but that is fantastic. No doubt about kitties, they do like to ‘help’ with spread-out quilt blocks.


  2. Oooo that first one is beautiful, the second is too, but I really LOVE the first one. Yep that red one kinda sticks out, but they are all so pretty together.



  3. The pickled ladies are awesome. Very unique and creative. Great selection of fabric. I was wondering if the pickled ladies got pickled on clam juice. My husband’s grandmother used to drink clam juice for medicinal purposes! LOL! Keep up the stitching. I love visiting and seeing what you are doing next.


  4. Cats are so funny, and curious about everthing! I often go to close the pantry door, but just catch sight of a slightly striped tail, disappearing inside!
    I leave the door ajar, so he can come out again.


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