Clamshell on a Pickle Dish

Back in June on Barbara Brackman’s blog post here, I saw pictures of clamshells done with a triangle arc and fell in love with them.  On Sunday, three new Inklingo collections were released with the shapes for 6″, 9″ and 11″ clamshells on a pickle dish, including all the edge pieces so that one can have a straight edge.  Of course, I couldn’t resist.  And I even made the largest, which is completely unusual for me.  The yardstick shows centimetre measurements rather than inches, but it seems huge — at its widest, it’s 11″.  I have a design idea in mind that will use all 3 sizes in one quilt.  The bonus to the large size is that I can have a quilt done in next to no time.  The design possibilities with these shapes seem endless.  It took hardly any time at all to put the arc of triangles together as it’s all continuous stitching.  Then adding the arc to the clamshell was easy as could be.

The back:

The baby quilt is still at the almost finished stage.  There aren’t that many pieces left to join to finish the top, so hopefully I’ll get it finished by Wednesday.  I just couldn’t resist the pickled clams and, as the baby isn’t due until February, my self-imposed deadline of August 31 can be extended.

We’re going into a few days of high heat and humidity with humidex values in the 40C range through to Wednesday.  The longer it stays lovely and hot the better.

Lester was getting in some windowsill time over the weekend.

And Smudge was posing for the camera.

19 thoughts on “Clamshell on a Pickle Dish

  1. These are some of the most beautiful blocks that I have seen! I can understand why you instantly fell in love with them. Thank for the link to Barbara’s site, the quilts that are made up of this block are stunning! I totally am with you on the warmth thing. Please Mother Nature keep ups warm.


  2. I am buying the 11″ today – I LOVE unusual quilt patterns – and if Barbara Brackman says it is un-named well I’ve got to have it and make it in Kaffes – surrounded by batik/hand dye triangles!!

    Cathi is your “sample” the start of a new quilt – I recognize that fabric from an assortment a few posts ago.


  3. That is so wonderful! I love your fabric here too! I will have to go in and download these. Can’t resist. But I’ve been having some real wrist aches lately in my right wrist.


  4. When I saw the email about the release of the new pattern, I wondered how long it would take you to have a new block to post!! 🙂 Fabulous block!!! Your work is truly inspiring! Thank you for sharing.


  5. I’m in love! Now…I’ve just got to find time to sew this…wonder what I can give up…sleep maybe??? What a waste…all that time just laying there! ;-))))
    This block just enchanting!!!!


  6. This is on my list. Do you think it could be adapted into the NY beauty design hmmmmmm. I do love the cheery colors. This kind of project could keep one busy throughout a longish winter.


  7. Now how did I know that you wouldn’t be able to resist trying this new design before I visited! LOL I’m very tempted myself but am resisting for the moment. Love the block made up!


  8. Good grief, I can’t believe how fast you got one of those together, I just got the email announcing the new collection. A fascinating block indeed. Can you say where the blog buttons are from? Do you make them? Can we use them on our own blogs?


  9. This a fabulous pattern. Can imagine why you could not resist! I knew clamshells had many possibilities but never thought of a kind of ‘New York Clamshell Beauty’. This will be a fantastic quilt Cathi. (lots of time to finish the baby quilt)


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