Possible Fabric Combinations

After reading the comments on yesterday’s post, I pulled out 4 fabrics to pair with the fabric I showed yesterday.  While I like all of them with it, I think the purple/pink batik is the one I’m going to work with.   I may do a block using the purple/pink and then another using the white.

The baby quilt piecing is tantalizingly close to being finished.  Tomorrow I’m going to see if I have a large enough piece of flannel for the backing and, if I do, I’ll hopefully get it basted this weekend and ready to quilt.

It was a rather cool day on Thursday and by the time the sun went down, it was a rather chilly 55F.  Once the temperature gets below 60, I start thinking about the day we’ll have to turn the heat on.  Hopefully, that won’t be for a few weeks yet.

Both cats were showing signs of getting ready for the cooler weather.  Lester curled up in a kitty bed.

And Smudge was on the couch.

13 thoughts on “Possible Fabric Combinations

  1. Oooo love the purple/pink, also the blue/green(?), nope purple/pink :0) Hooray for getting to close to being done with the baby quilt!!



  2. Love the purple/pink fabric! Great choice. I really want to see the baby quilt so please hurry and finish. Yes, cold weather is definitely on its way. The cats know it too!


  3. I can’t decide between the purple/pink and the blue/green. Both would be very nice.

    I’m loving the cooler tempatures. Today will be day three catching up on the weeding and deadheading in the garden, then tomorrow is back to heat and humidity.


  4. Purple is my favorite color, so I think that will work very nicely. (grin) My kitties are acting better, since it has cooled down. They are always more active when the temps are cooler. Well, as active as cats ever get. LOL Have a good day. Winona


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