Finding the Right Fabric

This fabric has been in my stash for ages.  I love the look of it, but never seem to come up with the right fabric with which to pair it.  I’d like to use it to make a two-colour quilt but am thinking it needs something other than a white or cream as the neutral.  Any thoughts?  I have one idea which I’ll try this weekend.

I am very close to finishing the piecing of the baby quilt.  Two more evenings of stitching and it should be done.   This is, without a doubt, the quickest I’ve ever put a quilt together.  It will be less than a month from starting it to finishing the piecing.

Wednesday our weather really changed — from quite warm and humid to heavy, heavy rain and then cooler temperatures.  I think our high today will be only in the low 70s, although they say we’ll have humidex readings back up in the 90s by Sunday.   I’m definitely not ready to see summer go.

Lester had some windowsill time on Wednesday.

And Smudge took over my desk chair to pose.

8 thoughts on “Finding the Right Fabric

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  2. My first thought was to use this fabric as the light and then add a darker color. It would be interesting to see it next to a cream or white….



  3. I really couldn’t suggest anything without seeing it. I would have to lay it out with different fabrics and see how they played together. My first thought was black. Then I thought lime green. I know you will find the perfect match for it. It is a lovely fabric. Winona


  4. Very nice fabric! I was thinking also lime green and lila/violet, some nice light grey and perhaps with all these a little bit white. I like always white to give ligth and clear tone. It would be nice to see the fabric and especially when You have finished it!
    You have beautiful cats!


  5. It looks to have lilacs, greys and yellowy green/greeny yellow in it. How would a deep red look with it? Or maybe a deep purple? and using this fabric for the background or foreground. Hmmmm.. I am interested to see what you come up with from your stash 🙂
    Lester looks like he’s wanting to shake paws 😉 Hugs Elly


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