Block 4

These pink and white Snow Crystal blocks are going together amazingly quickly. I finished this one off last night.

Every time I press one of these blocks, I’m thrilled with how the little seam intersections all work out and the block lies so flat. This is a very good reminder to myself to do the blocks as I go rather than save them up and do a bunch at once. That becomes tedious. Doing a block at a time is quick and, when all the blocks are done, I’ll be ready to stitch the rows together rather than having to press endlessly.

I think, if I add 2 or 3 more sets of large hexagons surrounded by stars to this candle mat/table runner/ whatever it is that I had started, this would be a nice size and perhaps a good Christmas gift. Binding this may be an adventure but I love the look of it and think some pretty quilting could be done in the centre of the large plain hexagons.

The gardener has been out on the roof garden taking the flowers out of the flower beds and from around the trees. It is now really starting to look like the grey days of fall have arrived. Looking out and not seeing those brilliant colours means, I guess, that winter really is coming. I hope every year that somehow it might give us a miss but …

Lester is definitely getting his winter coat. Some serious combing/brushing will be going on around here now.

7 thoughts on “Block 4

  1. Oh I love that little beauty you had stashed away. I might have to leave in the dark of night and thief it for me-self! 🙂 Doesn’t Lester look so “Lion” in this photo? Handsome.Piece and Love, *karendianne.


  2. Cathi, are you stitching those snowflake stars together by hand? Looks like it when I click on the pictures. I’m amazed, if you are. How big are you going to make it, do you think?Lester looks very regal right now.


  3. I like the stripey effect in this pink fabric.My porch pots are looking pretty bad now with a couple frosts. I suppose I should get in gear and remove them too, but that does make it so final that summer is over.


  4. I am loving those Snow Crystal blocks more and more and I am itching to get my redwork done so I can start something from Inklingo for my hand stitching box.Lester looks so content by the window but watch out buddy…the brush is coming LOLCathie in Ut (who is having trouble with Blogspot right now)


  5. That star piece would be an awesome candle mat — I love that idea! Looks like perfect little spaces for crystal candleholders (because you don’t want to block the view of the quilt!).I get a lot of satisfaction from a beautiful, flat quilt back, too. There’s such a good feeling when it all comes together so well.


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