Another Snow Crystal on a …

… day on which we saw snowflakes!?? How can this be? It’s only October! It has been very windy and quite cool all day and around 4:00 this afternoon I looked out and oh, no!!! Little white flakes were flying by the window. I am NOT ready to deal with the idea of snow. No way. Not yet. It’s much too early. Sheesh, I haven’t even taken my winter coat in for cleaning. Guess I’d better do that sooner rather than later.

The only good thing about having the flu is that I had prepped all these pieces beforehand so I can curl up on the couch and stitch. This Snow Crystal block is now finished and the next one is about to be started. Definite silver lining to not feeling great.

I’ve found a trick that makes pressing the back a whole lot faster. As I join each round, as I do these in rounds, so to speak (which I’ll explain in a minute), I finger press the seam intersections in that round. That way, when I get the whole block finished and head for the iron it’s really a matter of quickly pressing each little seam intersection.

I was asked in an e-mail by Cheryl about the method I use to make these blocks. Sorry, Cheryl — I did try to respond by e-mail but AOL seems to be bouncing e-mails from our ISP. So here goes. I’m hand piecing these, using the templates in the free Inklingo downloadable collection which has all the shapes for this block. The block finishes at 9″.

I had no pattern but had seen a picture of a quilt made of these blocks and as soon as the Inklingo collection with these shapes was available, I knew I had to make my pink and white quilt with this block.

The shapes are printed on to the back of your fabric and you end up with perfect precise shapes every time. If you’re curious about it, there’s a video you can watch here and the free downloadable collection can be found here. Downloading the collection is dead easy, especially if one takes the time to read through the download instructions found in the drop-down support menu — one could even print them before starting the download.

My method for constructing the block is simple. I make the 8-point centre star and the four corner 6-point partial stars. Then add the 8 squares around the centre star, then add the four 6-point partial corner stars and finally add the remaining 12 squares and 8 triangles to finish the block off. Each block is composed of 32 diamonds, 20 squares and 8 triangles. Printing the pieces I need for each block takes seconds. Because the lines are so precise, cutting the shapes apart takes very little time and I’m stitching almost immediately. No basting, no whip stitching, no papers to remove.

I love this picture of Smudge — he’s so alert and wide-eyed in it!

If today is any indication, I don’t think Lester will be sitting on the windowsill too much for a few months. It’s getting too chilly by the window!!

Those silly little white flakes are still drifting by. This is not good — not good at all. I am really having trouble accepting that there is snow, however short-lived, so early. Yuck!

12 thoughts on “Another Snow Crystal on a …

  1. The snow has been coming down since I looked outside @ 8:00 a.m. – and it hasn’t stopped yet! Hubby and kids may have to shovel snow tonight!!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!


  2. Don’t get me wrong! I love snow! But this early in the season? No way! Your block is lovely. That certainly is a good photo of Smudge! I love those big inquisitive eyes!


  3. Cathi,Its such a treat to click the photos and see the CLOSE UP of your hand work. Its spectacular. It leaves me speechless as I study it and imagine someone looking at it years from now wondering how you created such beauty. And they’ll wonder my friend, they’ll be speechless and imagine the Quiltmaker.Crystalized in the Consciousness of Love, *karendianne.


  4. I’m in awe of your Snow Crystals. I’ve been reading your blog – September especially – such beautiful fabric choices for your hexagon charms. What fabric is it? Oh my word, those hexs are small. I don’t think I could ever do anything that small. Your work is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.Cathy


  5. I have very mixed feelings about snow… I love it when it is a bonafide day off of work (I really like to watch the big fat flakes fall & it doesn't hurt that my condo fees pay for snow removal), but if I will already be on maternity leave – then I am not so thrilled with the idea…Then again, snow days usually equal baking days…The Farmer's Almanac & according to my husband, many local weather guys are predicting a snowy winter for us… (I have not had a "snow day" in years – now we are supposed to get them when I will be off anyway…)Love the smudge shot – I had sleepy cat eyes staring at me this morning – I had the worst night sleep in ages…


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