Partial Snow Crystal

All that’s left to finish this one is to attach the outer squares and triangles. The more of these I make, the faster they seem to be to stitch. It seems that once the centre star and four corner partial stars are made it goes together really quickly. Of course, that’s the continuous stitching. I love set-in seams!

Rather than wait till the whole block was finished, I decided to try pressing it at this stage. This should make the final pressing really fast.

The boys often have great chases around the apartment and, once in a while, a mock battle. This time Smudge was snoozing in the chair and Lester decided he wanted to lie there. The battle ensued. They never hurt one another — but they look so funny. Smudge’s paws wrapped around Lester just crack me up.

Lester back to his favourite spot — and looking much more dignified!

16 thoughts on “Partial Snow Crystal

  1. The block is amazing! So pretty. The fabric choices you’ve showed so far are lovely. I so enjoy you posting these. Thank you for doing that!The boys, oh they’re such boys!!! Boys will be boys. What a great shot you got of them IN THE ACT. I always miss cool stuff like this.Attack Mode in Love, *karendianne.


  2. Glad you had your camera quickly to grab a picture of the mock battle!We only have the one dog, but Tandi sometimes gets an attack of what I call “the Zoomies” and runs amoc between the living room and master bedroom. She really loves it when I jump out at her from behind the door or somewhere during the zoomies. She gets that goofy doggy grin on her face and runs faster.


  3. From pastal pink to deep pink. It will be interesting to see how many shades of pink you’ll come up with. Re the fight. Smudge’s face tells me he’s more serious than you think!!


  4. Your snow crystal blocks are lovely. I love all the pinks you are using. I have had a good read of your blog tonight … love all the pictures of your boys. Hope you are getting over your flu and the weather is not too cold.Christine


  5. More beautiful snow crystals. I love the pictures of your fur babies. Thank you for the hint on using “the Thimble Lady’s” thimble and needle. I will look her up. One more little question. How come your kitty widget doesn’t have adds. I added him to my blog and he kept spitting out advertisements so I took him off. But he is sooo cute. Do you have an idea why?Thanks and have a lovely day,Cathy


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