Oriental Circles

This weekend has been a time for a sorting out of my sewing corner. Among the things I found were these Oriental circles. I think I have about 125 of them done. I was going to make more, but my hands and wrists are not at all happy with me doing any applique at the moment. So I think what I’ll do is start organizing these into rows and put the top together.

I’m inclined not to sash these, but they will definitely need a border. I’m not sure, but am playing with the idea of making a pieced border using bits of the Oriental prints or would it be better with no border or maybe just a border of one Oriental print.

2 thoughts on “Oriental Circles

  1. Cathi, have you tried the Curvemaster presser foot for sewing machines? Works wonderful for piecing curves and circles by machine–no pinning, clipping, appliquing, etc. If you do a search at Brightcove there are a couple of instructional videos to see if you’re interested. As always, love your work! Jillian from Inklingo yahoo group.


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