Shabby Chic Circles and Yogurt Kitties

What else did I find this weekend? More circles. Lots and lots more shabby chic circles appliqued on to shabby chic backgrounds. You know those wonderful 5″ charm square packs? Well, this is what I did with quite a few of them. I have a bunch of them left so I’m going to make a quilt of the blocks with the appliqued circles and alternate them with the plain shabby chic squares. These are definitely my colours!

I have six of them still left to applique that are already backbasted and waiting. Tried to do one last night, but right now my hands and wrists just do not want anything to do with applique. So those 6 blocks will just have to wait till the warmer weather.

Both our boys are mad about yogurt. Whenever either of us has yogurt, we have an incredibly attentive audience of two. We call it show time. 😉 Here’s a picture of the two of them sharing some of DH’s yogurt.

3 thoughts on “Shabby Chic Circles and Yogurt Kitties

  1. The circle blocks are lovely – I think I have some of that fabric, very pretty. My dog is the same with yogurt – she sits and watches me eat the entire bowl, just waiting to lick it out.


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