A Star of Stars

These stars are all from one of the Inklingo swaps last year. I got this far but now I’m stuck. Do I just finish it off with large pieces to square it up and then add borders or … It has been done for a while and I seem to be totally uninspired as to how to finish it. Any thoughts?

It has been a really busy week with work and I’m hostessing another Inklingo swap, this time of equilateral triangles, so have been fielding e-mails with questions. This weekend I will get my triangles printed and ready.

I’d really like to figure out how to finish off this star. I have one idea, but am not sure how it will work. May try my idea on the weekend and, if it works, will post a photo.

One thought on “A Star of Stars

  1. Oh, your star of stars looks wonderful! What a great result from a swap!Thoughts on finishing? Hmmm…. how big is it? Table topper? How about keeping the shape of the star? – just sandwich it, quilt it and bind it with a (f.ex) dark blue bias binding?


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