A Previous Finish Revealed

Last night, some Christmas gifts were opened early and now I can reveal this picture. It’s about 60″ long and contains 67 little 6-point stars made with one-inch diamonds from Inklingo Collection 1. It was fun to make those stars using ’30s prints and solids.

I have the binding half on the second-last runner to be made for Christmas and then it’s just one more to put together, quilt and bind. My favourite of those that I made this year left here yesterday and will be delivered to its recipient sometime today.

I realized last night that I will soon be finished with Christmas gifts and will then be looking for the next project to make. Hmmm — there are many that I’m thinking about and I have all sorts of little patches printed and ready to stitch but I’m just not sure which I want to work on first.

We had a number of swaps of Inklingo shapes and I think I have a rather fun idea for the 1″ squares. I’ve already made about 200 of the stars from the swaps and have been playing with different settings for some of them.

Now to brave the stores. I don’t need to buy too much, but I’d rather get the last of it finished today than brave the stores this weekend or Monday!

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