Pinwheel Runner and The Storm

Another finish! This one was a challenge. I used — silly me — a black print fabric for the backing. Black fabric seems to attract cat hair much more than any other fabric colour! For that reason, I decided to put the binding on totally by machine, which I don’t like doing. However, it was better than having this on my lap while I tacked down the binding — as I very rarely am allowed to do that without a kitty helper! LOL And it’s one more finished item for Christmas. These are not my normal colours to work with and, while I know it’s perfect for the recipient, I really had to push myself to keep stitching the little pinwheels together.

We had a huge, huge snowstorm today. We even had thunder snow, which is the oddest thing. When we got up this morning it was snowing. About an hour or so later, we saw lightning and heard a couple of huge claps of thunder. Then it snowed and snowed and snowed till about 9:00 tonight. This is a view of the roof garden from our window. At one point this afternoon, I looked out and saw rather large paw prints in the snow. Wonder what could possibly be out there — a raccoon maybe? No pets are allowed on the roof garden and, for that matter, it’s closed for the winter so no one could have got out there.

We ventured out in mid-afternoon. It was truly a winter wonderland, very pretty. It was really quite astounding to see no cars anywhere and so few shoppers this close to Christmas! Very cold, though — and the wind was fierce!

2 thoughts on “Pinwheel Runner and The Storm

  1. I have a diligent kitty helper, too. And I feel for you working with colors outside your comfort zone! The snow is beautiful (I grew up in MI but now live in the South where we get ice but rarely enough snow to blanket anything).


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