Seven Sisters Almost Done

It’s pressed and ready to baste and quilt, which will be done in the next few days. I was going to add two more blocks to it but it would have ended up way too long. So now I have two Seven Sisters blocks made and ready for something else. 🙂 I used 1.5″ diamonds and equilateral triangles for this one from Inklingo Collection 3 and it really was fast to put together. Each block took about two nights to piece, so this whole thing was only about 6 nights of hand stitching. Printing the shapes took next to no time, maybe half an hour.

One of these days, I’ve got to figure out how to master free motion quilting on my sewing machine. Doing straight lines is getting a bit … well, old!

There’s a significant storm coming tomorrow, they say, and we may get a lot of snow. Today will be the day to run around and do errands so we can stay off the roads tomorrow. In Toronto, just about any amount of snow seems to paralyze the city so a “significant” amount could be catastrophic. LOL

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