Blue & White Table Runner and the Cat and Canary

This is, by far, my favourite of the table runners I’ve made so far for Christmas. The stars were made with .75″ diamonds and related bits from Inklingo collection 3. I was really surprised when I realized that there are 748 pieces in this small runner! It went together really quickly and the fabric was heaven to work with. There’s something about blue and white that is so soothing!

A friend sent us a new cat toy for the boys. It has been hysterical watching the antics of the two of them with the “Canary Toy”. First they played:
Then they played some more:

Lester seems to be taking possession of it for now and the other night was even sleeping with it under his paw!

2 thoughts on “Blue & White Table Runner and the Cat and Canary

  1. We are so entertained with our cats, too. The canary picture with Lester holding it is hysterical. Another beautiful table runner, Cathi! You are making projects faster than I can type. VBG Keep it up.


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