Piecing Texas Stars

I’ve been meaning to do this for ages and have run into all sorts of roadblocks. The biggest one was the fact I had made very detailed notes and taken loads of photos – all of which are on a … Continue reading

Want to Learn to Love Hand Piecing?

If you do, then I have only three words. What are they? Buy This Book. I’ve had Quilted Diamonds 2 since it was first published back in 2004 and it is, in my opinion, the best book on hand piecing … Continue reading

Fabric Group and Planning to Quilt

This grouping of fabrics has been sitting for the past 5 or 6 months while I try to decide what I want to make with them. These are not my comfort zone when it comes to colours at all, but I want to make something with these with perhaps a cream neutral thrown in. Whatever design I end up playing with, I think this will be a long table runner.

Baxter was trying to make sure he got in the picture.

There are 2 large quilts that are basted and ready to hand quilt. One is a whole cloth quilt with all the quilting lines marked. The other is my Quilted Diamonds 2 quilt. At this point, I’m leaning towards working on them both. Perhaps half an hour on the whole cloth and then switch over to the Quilted Diamonds quilt. They’ve both certainly been sitting long enough in the queue to be quilted.

Baxter usually has one paw up in the air when he’s sitting or lying down. We think of it as his royal wave paw. I think he was very sleepy when this shot was taken.

Three Quilts in a Box

Decorative boxes are perfect containers for the pieces for quilt blocks. In this box I have glassine envelopes, each of which contains the pieces for a number of blocks, one block or a portion of one block of the Pink Ice, Harpischord and Patchwork of the Crosses quilts.

This envelope contains all the pieces to make 4 of the Harpischord Quilt blocks.

This one has all but the white squares for a Pink Ice block.

And this one contains a number of the purple squares for the Patchwork of the Crosses blocks.

I learned about using glassine envelopes to store block pieces when I was making my Quilted Diamonds 2 quilt. Having all the pieces for a block in one spot make it so easy to just pick out an envelope and start stitching.

Smudge on the windowsill again. The fall is his favourite time to be on the windowsill.

And Lester doing a Morris impression!