Three Red and White Blocks

Three red and white Feathered Star/Sunflower blocks, that is.  The more I stitch these, the more I’m enjoying them.  I’ve established a stitching sequence that is making them relatively quick to stitch by hand.  First I put together the “snake” of HSTs, squares and diamonds that form the feathers surrounding the kites.  That’s just lots and lots of continuous stitching, which makes the process a very quick one. Then I add the kites to the feathers, add the large QSTs to the sunflower centre and then stitch the kite/feathers around the sunflower block and all that’s then left is to add the outer squares and triangles and the block is done.

Three more blocks to go and I’ll have the six needed for the quilt top I’m making. I’ve started the next one and hope to finish it, except for the outer setting pieces, either tonight or Thursday night.

Don’t these shapes look intriguing?  They’re left over from cutting out Yin Yang shapes and the blades for the Dresden Plate I’m working on.  I can’t bring myself to throw them out as I keep thinking there has to be some use for them, particularly the sort of teardrop shape.  The smaller ones may just end up being glued to a blank greeting card to make some very original cards.

Tuesday night we think we discovered why Smudge pulled the toy basket over close to his kitty bed.  It was so he could use it as a pillow of sorts.