Charm Squares and More

While working on the baby quilt, I am thinking about doing something totally scrappy with batiks and hand-dyed fabrics.  So I dug out those squares and rectangles and started thinking about just what I might make with these.  Batiks seem very attractive after working with the ’30s prints for a while.   This also has me thinking that I will haul out the bin with batiks and hand dyed fabrics and perhaps cut charm squares from some, if not most, of them as well.

Then I figured that, while I was at it, I may as well take a look at the other charm squares I have washed and ready to use.  There are more that aren’t yet washed, but I’ll start washing those this week so that when the baby quilt is finished I have lots of choices in front of me.  🙂   There’s just something about charm squares that I find irresistible.

Picking up a light box last night has sent my wrist into fits again.  I don’t seem to be learning that I just cannot do what I used to be able to do easily.  So once again, I’m probably going to be rather slow in replying to and leaving comments.

Mr. Q.O. does cryptic crosswords — and had put his puzzle down in front of Raggedy Ann.  We couldn’t resist taking the picture.  It almost looks as though she’s working on the puzzle.

A friend (no blog) has adopted an adorable 4-month old black kitten named Jasper.  In this picture he’s lying on the quilt with one of her other cats, Kleenex.  Jasper is slowly winning over the elder cats in her household.  Jasper is a three-legged cat, who started out life as a feral and unfortunately lost a leg but, from all reports, it sounds like he has already learned to compensate and is lively and playful as can be.

Periodically, I love to look through the America’s Glorious Quilts book (although the weight of it is an issue for me) and had it out last night.  I put it on the footstool in front of Smudge who, at one point, appeared to be interested and almost had a paw on the book.  We didn’t get that photo but we did get this one.

Lester stretched out on the pink couch.

Piecing an Alabama Beauty Block

Thursday night I printed some more shapes for the nameless quilt.  I refuse to call it “The Thing” any longer.  It needs a name!  I got the fabrics picked out for the next set of 3 blocks and this block stitched.  I’m finding it easier and easier to plan these blocks.  I lay out the pieces for each block, make sure that the pieces that create the circles are in the right spot and then it’s really a quick block to stitch.

This is the back:

And this is a close-up of the centre of the back.  I had promised someone (sorry, I forget who!) that I’d show a close-up of how I press this block, so here it is:

The batiks I had ordered from Sew Sisters last weekend arrived.  I think a piece of one, if not two, of these is going to be used in the Alabama Beauty quilt.  These were definitely my lucky fabrics!  Tomorrow we’re off to Sew Sisters to pick up the frame.  I can’t wait!

Along with the batiks was this cute FQ of Easter fabric.  Wouldn’t this make a great back for a little doll’s quilt?

Thursday was another rainy, grey day.  Lester spent some time on the windowsill, but there wasn’t much for him to see.

Smudge, on the other hand, decided it was a good day to curl up with a teddy bear.