To Festival We Went

A little briefcase, a heavy iron, a tiny measuring tape and batiks! And, of course, a Baxtertoon.

Thank you for the supportive comments on yesterday’s post about truncating to try to defeat the scrapers. I’m going to give this truncating thing a try for a week or so and see if it makes any difference. I hope you’ll stick with me while I try this out.

Friday night, Mr. Q.O. and I went to Creativ Festival. We went with Barb from Just Sayin’ Sew and her husband. Barb and I wandered around the vendors’ booths while Mr. Q.O. and Mr. J.S.S. stayed at one booth talking to a man who was showing them his embroidery machine. It was too funny – we’d look over and there they’d be, still talking to him. That went on for what seemed like an hour, although I’m sure it wasn’t quite that long. Then we met up with Linda Franz and her husband. The six of us had a great visit over muffins, coffee and water — I know, I know. Not an exciting menu, but that was about the best the food place at the Festival had to offer by the time we got in there. We weren’t really there to eat. We were there to have a visit and that we did.

For the longest time, I’ve wanted a dry iron. I saw one at the Vermont Country Store‘s online shop and now I’m the proud owner of this old-fashioned looking iron. It’s heavy, no question, and it gets hot! If you’ve never been to the Vermont Country Store online shop, be warned — it’s all to easy to spend hours looking around there.

And look at this sole plate. This is going to be such a great iron for ironing freezer paper to fabric. I’ve used it to press a couple of blocks and love it. I still have my little Rowenta and love it for small pressing jobs and I do have a steam iron that will get used for some ironing jobs, but I have a feeling this dry iron will get the biggest workout of them all. And I would almost bet it lasts longer than any other iron I have. Mr. Q.O. still gets a kick out of the fact I’m so excited about an iron.

Isn’t this little briefcase cute? I think it’s made to hold business cards as it’s the perfect size for that.

But mine wasn’t holding business cards. It was holding a cute little pair of scissors.

With a scissors fob that made me laugh. Look at the tiny measuring tape!

As far as the Creativ Festival goes, I found exactly what I was looking for. Batiks. Batiks for sunflowers and batiks to be added to the Monet New York Beauty blocks. Lots of beautiful, luscious batik FQs. They’re all washed and ready. Maybe today I’ll get some pieces ready to print for more sunflowers and some for the Monet NYB blocks.

The Memories of Smudge blocks are finished. The last two were finished Friday night. I’ll post photos of them tomorrow and may even have them all up on a design wall. Mr. Q.O. found a vinyl tablecloth that has some wisps of flannel on the back of it and I’m hoping it will be just enough to hold the blocks. Today I’ll find out.

Seems Baxter tagged along to the Creativ Festival and did a little shopping of his own. I didn’t even notice that Kitty Play Area sign!

Baxter has been very busy with the leaves flying by the window. He has spent a lot of time on the windowsill this weekend. As I’m typing this, he’s having a nap on the top level of his kitty tree but I think he still has one eye open keeping watch for a leaf flying by.

13 thoughts on “To Festival We Went

  1. let us know how you like the iron. Nice that you were able to meet up with friends and see a quilt festival as well – even if it didn’t have an exciting food menu 🙂 those batiks look fabulous.


  2. Sounds like you had a great time at the festival! I have one of those irons, too, just wish it had an auto shut off, I just have to keep remembering! My other one shuts off so I have to think! LOL. It appears that Baxter did a lot more shopping than you did!


  3. Beautiful batiks! Look forward to seeing what you do with them. I have 2 Rowenta dry irons that look a little antiquey. Though I think your’s looks a lot heavier and I like that the dial is in clear view on the front instead of hiding under the handle.
    Cute Baxtertoon. and Baxter looking very poised.


  4. I didn’t see the kitty play area either! Did Baxter visit with the alpaca? He was very cute. Love those batik fabrics…..and I love, love, love those scissors, I missed seeing them, darn it! Probably just as well, as I don’t need any more……..


  5. What a nice outing you had, and I love your batiks and your new iron — we had a similar one when I was young, and I think this iron would be great for pressing my small vintage fabric pieces.

    Also — very interesting post on scraping, and thanks for the tip. I have decided to switch to RSS summary on WordPress. When I checked Google Reader this morning, the entire content of your festival post was displayed in the Reader window — not sure why.


  6. Love the batik treasure!
    Your dry iron looks a lot like my workhorse iron…I’ll cry if mine ever dies! I’ve used it for years and I love how hot it gets, how heavy it is, how it doesn’t leak water (‘cuz I don’t use water in it), and how it doesn’t automatically shut off!


  7. Oooooh, I’ve been eyeing that iron from the VCStore for some time. Looks like I will have to get one. Glad to hear it works great and gets hot!
    The email blog-post notification that came in this morning just had the truncated “entry line” of your post with a clickable link to come to your blog. Just thought you might like to know it’s working. Hang in there.
    Glad you all had a lovely time at the Festival.


  8. I’ve actually visited the Vermont Country Store – it’s a step back in time; brought back some neat memories of the 1940s. Sorry to learn that you been having trouble with people stealing from your site. Hope it can be brought to a screeching halt … pronto!


  9. Excellent haul. Especially love all those batiks.
    Your iron comments cracked me up. It reminds me of a conversation with one of my old workmates, where I listed several things that I’d get excited about getting as gifts (largely including appliances and le creuset for the kitchen), he told me he’d be killed if he bought anything like that for his wife 🙂
    What had the guys bonding over the embroidery machine?


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