From Big to Little Blocks


After working on those huge (well, okay – to me they’re huge at 18″) Morse Stars, I really needed to work on some tiny blocks. I’ve wanted to do something with the .75″ 90-degree hexagons for ages – basically ever since that Inklingo collection came out. And I had this group of fabrics that I immediately knew I wanted to use.

Tiny POTC - IMG_0016wtmk

Some quick printing and cutting, including some fussy cutting/printing of the main fabric, and I had these wonderful little stacks of shapes just waiting to be stitched. And they were calling to me. Loudly!


So I just had to make one block.


And then another. They’re really, really hard to resist. Making one without making a second one is impossible for me. I love getting the special effects from the fussy cutting/printing.


The little blocks press like a dream. 24 little pieces in each little block that finishes at approximately 6″.

I’ve made blocks using the .50″, .75″, 1″ and 1.5″ 90-degree hexagons. For me right now the .75″ size is just right — not too big, not too small.  And the best part? One load of stitches on the needle and each little seam is done. And the block is finished before I know it! And they’re very, very addictive. And it’s very hard to not keep playing with them. And even harder to not just keep arranging the shapes on my portable design book to see which effect I’ll get with the fussy-cut hexagons – that all by itself is really hard to resist! And I’m going to do a little more fussy cutting/printing of the deep beige fabric as I think I’ll get some super effects with it as well.

For now though, I’m back to making another Morse Star or two so that I can get that top finished relatively quickly. But it’s very nice to know I have the stack of those little 90-degree hexagons just waiting for me.

I’ve been debating what will be my baseball playoffs quilt project this year. I’d like to make a decision before the end of next week and then get the shapes printed, cut out and ready, just waiting in a project box, so that when the playoffs begin I’m ready. I think this year’s goal is to get whatever I decide to make done before the World Series is over.


“Fabric Bits.”


“Do you smell something fishy?” That’s Mr. Q.O.’s caption for this shot of Jake.


Mr. Q.O. says Baxter looks grumpy in this shot. I think he looks contemplative.