Is It Half a Violet?

I’ve got half of the next Ribbon Flower together – but I’m not sure yet just what flower it is. Is it a violet or clematis or verbena? Maybe salvia? Perhaps a pansy? I know it’s not wisteria, as I have the fabrics set aside for that – I think.

Half Purple Flowerwtmk

I can’t wait to see this one together as I think the effect with the dark shapes making up half the centre are going to give it a different look than any of the others.

It would have been finished but I spent tons of time on the weekend pulling fabrics and putting them into groups for other flowers. There’s another pink flower in the planning stages – I’ve got a number of pinks grouped together while I decide which fabrics will be included and which won’t. I spent ages putting groups of fabrics together for an orange flower. I’m trying to find some yellows that work together for a yellow rose, but it’s getting challenging as most of them just do not look good against others! While I’m choosing fabrics for a block, I keep the fabrics out where I can look at them repeatedly throughout the day. Right now, it’s rather messy as I’m picking out the fabrics for multiple blocks.



Jake July 23, 2017wtmk

Jake has a perch in the bedroom. Usually I find him sleeping there, but last night he was quite alert and looking around for Baxter – I think he was getting ready for a chase.

Baxter & Fabric, July 22, 2017wtmk

It seems Baxter needed to vote on my fabric choices. The table on which my sewing machine resides is, right now, covered with groups of fabrics while I try to choose just the right ones for the next flower. Baxter must have liked the little stack of orange fabrics – that’s where he was perched when I took this photo.

10 thoughts on “Is It Half a Violet?

  1. Hi Cathi, toss up….. violet , or Clematis. It depends on how that center looks…. I’m sure you’ll keep us posted!
    Love !! That pic of Jake!!
    Baxter is way to funny….
    not much rain here. Pastures drying out. I mow to keep the weeds down. Eating fresh peas, lettuce , kale, bok choy…..
    yum. The garden wasn’t a total loss.
    enjoy your day


    • I’ve been looking at pictures of purple flowers on the Internet – and oh, my! There are loads of them so this may be something altogether different than I thought. I think I’ll make one more purple one after this and then focus on some orange and pink flowers and, of course, one or two more blue ones.




    • Thank you! I’m glad I got back into posting on my blog as it’s such a great resource for me – it’s basically my quilting diary, I think. I can never understand people who don’t like cats – they’re such lovable, funny, gorgeous companions!




    • Thanks, Liz. I’m thinking it may be another purple flower altogether now. It’s 90% finished, so I’ll have to decide tonight what it is before I write the post for tomorrow.




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