Slowly Growing Flower

Half Periwinkle Blockwtmk

This is a very slowly growing flower. I had grand plans Monday afternoon of starting to sew it right away, with the thought I’d finish it yesterday. I got everything printed quickly. Then my plan went out the window.

First of all, we ended up out for hours on Monday, seeing a friend we hadn’t seen for ages. When we get together, we can talk for what seems like forever. So very little sewing got done Monday. And then yesterday, instead of sitting down and sewing, I got intent on finding just the right fabrics for more flowers. I want to make a yellow rose block and some orange flowers and definitely more purple, blue and pink flowers. A red rose was also in my plans but – and I cannot believe I’m about to write this – I have next to no reds in my stash and certainly nothing that works for the ribbon flowers. I’ve never bought much red as I had always – and I do mean always – found red fabrics did nothing but bleed when I washed them. So I get a little leery of using reds as I was so concerned that I’d make a quilt top that would be immediately ruined by bleeding fabrics, no matter how well I pre-washed. So I think a very deep pink rose will be made, along with a lighter pink rose as well as the yellow rose.

However, picking out fabrics for the next three or four flowers is now done and I hope I’ll have this latest flower finished in time for Friday’s post.



Jake Yawnwtmk

I caught Jake mid-yawn again. It would have been such a nice photo of him but he yawned just as I took it.

Baxter & Toy Basketwtmk

I love the shadow of Baxter’s ears in this shot.

10 thoughts on “Slowly Growing Flower

    • Thank you! I’m having fun picking fabrics for each one of these – it’s so tempting to just keep making another and then another and on it goes!




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