Ribbons of Flowers Garden Quilt, Block 2

My new quilt in progress now has a working name – Ribbons of Flowers Garden Quilt. And while I’m still undecided about whether the very first Ribbon Flower block I made will go in this or the Peony Quilt, I know for sure where this one is going – in the new quilt in progress! I think I’m determined to try almost every variation I can using different fabric placement, using the bonus shape, et cetera.

Front of Pink Ribbon Flower blockwtmk

Block 2 – which is a study in pink! As of right now, I think each block will be a study in tones of one colour. And of course, given that I have more pink in my stash than just about anything else, my garden may have a preponderance of pink blocks!

Back of Pink Ribbon Flower blockwtmk

I love how beautifully this variation presses – every intersection was so easy to deal with and pressed beautifully. I haven’t yet graded the seams, but will do so, particularly where a darker pink might shadow though a lighter one.

Next up will be a purple flower. I’ve chosen all the fabrics and printed my shapes last night. I spent ages yesterday looking for that print that I know I still have a piece of that would be perfect in a purple flower but didn’t find it. However, I found something else that works. And I’ll keep looking for that elusive piece of fabric!

looking for something?wtmk

“Looking for Something?”

Jake July 12, 2017wtmk

Jake either didn’t notice or was studiously ignoring the big paws hanging over his head – as just a few seconds later the mock battle began between the two of them. It’s quite funny to watch as there is much paw waving that goes on during one of those mock battles. It usually ends in a wild chase through the apartment, but not yesterday.

Baxter July 12, 2017wtmk

Yesterday, after a few seconds of paw waving, Baxter jumped down and went over to hang out with some toys.

20 thoughts on “Ribbons of Flowers Garden Quilt, Block 2

    • I have a few setting ideas floating around in my mind. It’s going to depend how many blocks I make. I know it’s going to entail finding the perfect fabric for a border.




    • Thanks, Martha. The block is addictive – it’s impossible to stop sewing them. The kitty chases here seem to happen at any time of the day or night – there’s no rhyme or reason to them, but they’re a riot to watch.




    • Thank you!! I’ve had that little piece of toile in my stash forever – just waiting for the right thing to use it in. Now I wish I had collected toile prints in all sorts of colours!!




  1. This block is gorgeous! And thank you for showing the back, in all it’s beautiful stitches and careful pressing! How many flower blocks are you planning to make, and are they all different? This will definitely be a beautiful quilt!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I’m thinking I’ll make 12 of them and set them on point but that plan may change – I may just have to make 20! It’s really an addictive block to make!


  2. OMG is right, that is spectacular, I just might have to purchase this set of patterns and hope someday to have time to make one.


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