First Peony Block Done!

Wednesday evening I got the last round of petals added to the first Peony Block and then the centre circle.

After a quick press and grading the seams it looked like this.

Then last night I added the frame.

Another quick press and grading the last of the seams and it was done! Even though I’m using batiks and there’s not much bulk, there are 101 pieces in each one of these double sunflower blocks and I know grading the seams is going to make a difference when there are 20 of them joined together. And it really only takes a minute or two after pressing to do that.

Now my slight diversion is over and I’m going back to piecing the border blocks for Pickled Ladies. But I may spend some time picking out more pinks for the Peony Quilt blocks so that as soon as Pickled Ladies is finished I’ll be ready to grab the pinks and get my shapes printed for lots of the blocks. Knowing that I have all that continuous stitching and curved piecing in pink waiting for me may be a very good motivator to keep me going and finish up the Pickled Ladies pieced border!

Yesterday it rained and rained and then rained some more.  It would be very nice if the sun would come out and the temperature start inching towards summer-like weather!  But they did put out the lounge chairs on the roof garden.

“Alien Sunflower”

A rainy day meant a lot of nap time on the couch for the kitties. Jake on one end.

And Baxter on the other.

21 thoughts on “First Peony Block Done!

  1. That is incredible, beautiful! A quilt top of these…WOZZERS!! I cant imagine how you do all the small work and not go cross-eyed?


  2. Wow…. that’s pretty… oh I really, really, really like that one Cathi.
    you’ve out done yourself with the peony blocks.You always do fabulous work.
    I’m mowing, mowing, mowing, keep the tractor mowing, rawhide!


    • Thank you. Trimming and pressing as I make a block is something I learned from Linda Franz – it really does make a huge difference in how a quilt feels, particularly ones that will be made with blocks contains as many pieces as these peony blocks.


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    • Thank you! I’m really excited about my idea for the peony quilt and cannot wait to get started! I cannot believe how much rain we’ve had – I just read that Lake Ontario is at the highest water level it has been since 1952. I hope the drier, warmer weather shows up soon.


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