Summer is Coming … and so are Sunflowers!

Yesterday, I printed the last of the shapes I need for the pieced border of the Pickled Ladies top and, while I still have lots left to do on that, now I know what’s going to be next. And it’s going to be so appropriate, because it will be just as we go into late spring when I do get it finished. What better time to start working on sunflowers?

A few years ago, I began making 6″ sunflowers using various batiks. The last photo I can find of any of them grouped together was back in July  2013, when I had put 20 of them up on a temporary design wall. Many more have been added since then – I think there are now at least 60 or 70 of them.

So with that idea in mind, last night I brought out the sunflower project box.

When I took the lid off, the sunflowers spilled out.

I had to choose two of my favourites to photograph  – a pink one, of course.

And this one that makes me think of summer.

I know I’ve got a stack of batiks just waiting to to be printed with the shapes I need for each sunflower. And the folder in which I kept the freezer paper pieces I used to print the shapes is out and waiting too. I am going to go through the completed ones and sort them a bit so I have an idea which colours might need to be added to the mix. As soon as Pickled Ladies is finished, the printer is going to get a workout while I print lots and lots of sunflower shapes and get back to the batik sunflowers project. That’s the perfect project for me – nothing but continuous stitching and curved piecing and, as each one will be a different colour, they never get the least bit boring.


I’m having too much fun taking close-up shots of the cats. I’m not sure Jake was all that happy with me trying to get him to look at me for this one.

Baxter always seems happy to pose. His eye is getting better and better and he’s being incredibly good about having to have eye drops.

10 thoughts on “Summer is Coming … and so are Sunflowers!

  1. Oh my, i was wondering where all those sun flowers had gone!
    Oh boy, I LOVE batiks and I love sunflowers!
    This one is deffinetly on my list !
    Poor Jake…. sometimes I think he’s thinking “can’t she find anything else to do” and Baxter is saying ” yup, here she comes,but I’m ready I’m a gorgeous boy and I know it” lol…. to cute
    enjoy Cathi….
    what size are these blocks again?


      • I’m not sure how many blocks I’ll end up making in total. I’m also thinking about making a series of sunflower quilts so the group of batik sunflowers as it is now may end up in different quilts. There are a lot of ideas percolating in my mind right now about these sunflowers!



    • They’re 6” sunflowers – but I am playing with the idea of adding a few double sunflowers, so a 12” block, to the mix. I may have to print just enough to do one so I can get a sense of whether the idea I have will work.




    • We’re getting a real taste of summer weather today – it’s lovely and warm, finally!! I can’t wait for the summer! That will be the perfect time for me to be sewing more sunflowers.




    • The sight of the sunflowers just makes me happy – I love the look of them. The sunglasses on the kitties in the ‘toon cracked me up when I saw them.




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