I’m in the Pink

I know that’s an odd blog post title – no, wait a minute! If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know I love working with pink. I have a fair bit to show and there’s lots of pink involved.

IMG_0213 2wtmk

First up is my finished Inklingo COTSIM mystery quilt top made with the Key West Beauty shape collection. I’m really quite thrilled with how it turned out. Right now it’s 30″ x 30″ and I’m still playing with the idea of adding a border and, if I do, what kind of border. I found a multi-colour batik that has just about every colour I used in the top, but am not sure about it. I’m going to have to put up the temporary design wall and put that batik up against the top and then have a good look and take some pictures. Sometimes it just takes seeing a photograph on the screen to make the decision easier for me.


The mystery quilt top was finished ages ago but has been sitting as I heard, just as I was finishing it, about a baby coming. The mother-to-be told us it’s going to be a girl. So I’ve been working away on these Yin Yang blocks for a baby quilt. That top is almost finished now. It just needs its border added, and for that one I do know what I’m using for the border, and then it will be time for a picture of it. I used mirror image printing of the shapes for half of the 56 blocks to get the effect I wanted and am thrilled with how it has turned out. And oh, how I enjoyed all that lovely curved piecing.


Then there’s this. The newest Inklingo collections – Cleopatra’s Fan – came out this week and I immediately stopped everything to play. This block is 4.5″. I’m making four of them using these pinks. When I saw the block, my immediate thought was that four together just might look like a peony opening if I did them all in pinks. Of course, there’s no shortage of pink in my stash. And it meant more curved piecing, although the curves in this are much softer curves than those in the Yin Yang blocks.

I have been playing with the block in EQ and have come up with some different settings. I plan to make a larger quilt in this pattern, possibly with the 6″ or 9″ block or a combination of sizes, and will use a more dramatic set of fabrics – I think. But knowing me, pink may win out again.


The back of the block after pressing. Even with 19 pieces in a small block, it presses beautifully.

There’s also a fabulous Inklingo Cleopatra’s Fan Design Book that is free to download for a limited time. It is invaluable with a sewing sequence and pressing plan laid out in it. I think it’s an absolute must for anyone wanting to sew Cleopatra’s Fan, whether by hand or by machine. There’s a great gallery of quilts in it as well, just to jumpstart the creative process using this fabulous block.

The pink in the mystery quilt and one of the pink batiks in the Cleopatra’s Fan block have been challenging, to put it lightly, to sew. It’s really interesting how much difference there is from batik to batik. Oh, how I wish that batiks had something on the edge that gave one a clue as to which manufacturer they were from. I absolutely loved the pink I used in the mystery quilt, but it was very, very difficult to sew. Normally I rarely use a thimble when sewing, but with that one I had to. And the second darkest pink in the Cleopatra’s Fan block is the same.

The egyptianswtmk

“The Egyptians”

Baxter June 28, 2011wtmk

In April, Baxter turned 5. It is so hard to believe it has been five years already and that this little creature …


… has turned into this gorgeous boy. He got a wonderful new toy for his birthday which he and Jake have been enjoying – trying to make sure the other doesn’t get.


I wish we knew when Jake’s birthday is, but we don’t. So he gets to celebrate with Baxter and they get extra treats and more toys. Here he has possession of the latest new toy, which we have dubbed the pepper as it looks like a red pepper.

I think I’m back to blogging. I’m going to try for once a week and see how well I do with that goal.

28 thoughts on “I’m in the Pink

  1. Hello cathi, everything is so beautifully well done. I’m glad your still at it and happy ! That Cleopatra square…..wow. no quilting for me at the moment the farm is bursting with babies! ! We had a gorgeous foal born a couple of weeks ago, abd chicks…..
    Please keep on keeping eye!!
    Baxter looks sophisticated!
    Jake content.


    • The Cleopatra’s Fan block can look so different, depending on fabric choices/placement. I think the possibilities are endless. I already know I want to make a few small quilts using it!


  2. Hi Cathy, how opportune that you should post this today. My friend Wendy asked me if I had seen this new inklingo pattern as she said she was tempted. It is beautiful. Now I shall have to go and check the designs out. Can see you have been very busy.


  3. Your mystery quilt turned out great, Cathi! You’ve been busy! Love the Cleopatra’s Fan block, too…it would make a wonderful peony! The Egyptians…too cute!


    • Thanks, Laura! I loved making that mystery quilt – it’s such a pretty design.

      The Cleopatra’s Fan blocks are really, really addictive. I can tell already that I’ll be making quite a few of them!


  4. I have always loved your work and wonder what you are up to and if you are doing alright – you are missed in blog land! I have you on my reader so even though you do not blog often I will not miss your work when you do blog


  5. They look so pretty. I like pink too, though I haven’t used it for a long time. Now, I’m in the mood for some ‘Beachy’ spring/summer quilts so I’m planning to make a few… each quilt will be colorful and a couple (maybe all of them) will include pink. I just ordered some more Inklingo shapes and I’m looking forward to using them to help me design and make these quilts. Doing a happy dance here…. been away from quilting for a couple of years due to moving, but I finally found my quilt items that were packed away in storage. My long arm quilter is also going to be set up for me to use again. I hope I remember how to use it. If not, I have a very fast straight stitch sewing machine that I’m itching to use for free motion quilting. If it quilts fast and well, I may not even want my Long Arm Quilter anymore …use the LA space for other quilting items. I do really like your quilt and all the pinks. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Glad to see you in my “in box”. And all those things you have been up to! Gorgeous. Baby Baxter has the same expression in his eyes my Bushy used to have, and now that he is Mr. Baxter, he looks like my Jake. As I am sitting here, I am having help from one of my furgirls. Presently, my living room looks like a daycare for kitties. Toys everywhere. Do you have the boys trained to pick up after themselves? It is so neat and tidy at your house.


    • Ha, ha, ha! These boys do NOT pick up after themselves! Not even close! It takes almost as much time to pick up the kitty toys before vacuuming as it does to actually vacuum.


  7. I love your Cleopatra’s Fan block. That second darkest pink looks like the butterfly wing batik. If it is I think it is a Timeless Treasures Tonga batik.

    Glad to see you back to blogging.


    • Now that I’ve sewn three of the pink Cleopatra’s Fan blocks, I think I have an idea for a small quilt. They are such fun to sew!

      I’ve got some Tonga batiks and they’re wonderful to sew. That second darkest one actually feels a bit thicker than most batiks. I had a FQ of it in my stash and have no idea which manufacturer it’s from.


  8. So loved seeing your latest projects here today! And I was glad to see Linda’s comment on Facebook for your Cleo’s fan block…. I looked and looked for the seam in the middle of that one piece! LOL!


    • Nice to hear from you Cathi. You have obviouly been busy! They look beautiful. Flying back to TO tomorrow. Hope to see you this summer.


    • And how I love seeing a comment from you with Pappy’s little picture as your avatar!

      I figured using that bonus shape just meant one less seam to sew. As I was hand piecing the block, it made more sense to me.


  9. Dear Cathi, I’m happy to see you’re blogging again. Your hand work is beautiful. Because most batiks I come across are so difficult 😜 to hand piece and hand quilt, I use them for small appliqué only. I love your pinks.


    • Thank you! I hope I can manage to stick with some sort of a regular blogging schedule again as I had missed it.

      I don’t usually find batiks hard to sew, but there is the odd one that feels like it’s actually a bit thicker than most and then it becomes a bit of a challenge. One thing I have learned is that a fresh needle is absolutely imperative after a few hours of sewing batiks.


  10. Hi Cathy good to see you back. I have just purchased Cleo’s block in the 9inch & look forward to experimenting when I get the kinks with adobe worked out Had to install the adobe XI. Love those pinks of yours. Baxter at 5 already! Spud is now the old gent at 8 & lady is still the kitten at 4ish


  11. Good to see you back! I’ve been wondering how you’re doing. I love the Cleopatra’s fan block. I’ve seen a couple of quilts with it and love the block. Can’t wait to see it finished in your pinks.


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