Fabric Choices for Valse Brillante


Remember this pretty little block? The first – and so far only – Valse Brillante block I made.

I started picking out fabrics to audition for it. And then I ran into a problem. And I’ve kept promising I’d post pics of the boxes. Well, be ready for a laugh!


Look at this box! Overflowing is too mild a description for it. And that was the problem – I kept pulling favourite shabby chic fabrics that I thought might work. And that has now gone on for a few months. I started to laugh yesterday when I hauled the box out. I’m quite sure that some of the scraps that are tossed in that box are too small and that there are others that just will not work.


This box is a little more restrained – the batiks that I’ve tossed into a much smaller box to pick from.

It’s clearly time for me to start getting serious about this project and stop looking for more bits to throw into the mix to choose from. I need to go through both those boxes and make some decisions about what goes in and what doesn’t. And that’s exactly what I hope to do this weekend. I have my “map” ready – I scanned in and printed out a grey and white copy of one of the pictures of Valse Brillante from Willyne Hammerstein’s Millefiori Quilts book and have made loads of notations on it so I know exactly how much I’ll need to print of each fabric.

I know I’m going to love sewing this project. I do have to print everything before I start as I have a very definite idea about how the batiks will flow through the top. Keeping everything in order won’t be a problem, thanks to my “map.” Once I get the choices finalized, the printing done and the pieces all cut out and in their project box, I’ll post about my way of organizing everything so that I stay on track.

big stashwtmk

“Big Stash”


“Playing with fabric wears me out.”


“Me, too!”

7 thoughts on “Fabric Choices for Valse Brillante

  1. I see the pinks are coming out! Isn’t there a big problem sorting fabrics and after cutting pieces that your 2 boys want to arrange things their way? I can barely put anything in order on my table before I have two bodies on top of the pieces setting in for their naps!


  2. I am soo Glad to see your back! I can’t keep up with your posts and that’s how it should be Lol!
    I haven’t had a chance to quilt lately, I’m not in a slump, I’ve just got so much going on.
    Keep on keeping on Cathi.
    Baxter and Jake are such characters. Jake with his tongue out reminds me of… neener, neener, neener,


  3. Sooooooooo….no wild fabric flinging, no a little of this and a little of that–just precise fabric placement? Where is your spirit of adventure? And those two fabric weights, sleeping on the job. Humpf!!!


  4. it has been awhile since I stopped by to see what you were up to – you have been busy it seems – I love that wedding ring quilt you are working on too – so are you doing the Millefiori quilt? I was going to but then changed my mind.


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