Distracted – Again!

I had every intention of staying focused on quilt labels and the Double Wedding Ring. Had being the operative word in that sentence!

Then three new Inklingo Key West Beauty collections came out yesterday – in 4.5, 6 and 9 inch sizes. That is really an intriguing block and with the bonus shape that’s included with each collection I couldn’t resist.

Of course I didn’t make the Key West Beauty block. I just had to play with that bonus piece – the kite shape.


First I printed the kites and large triangles for one block using the 6″ collection.


Then the kites, diamonds and small triangles for another block, also using the 6″ collection.


I think you can see the printed lines on the back of these pieces.


Then I began to sew. First this block using just the large triangle and kite shapes.


The back, after grading and pressing.


Then this block using the diamond, small triangle and kite shapes.


And its back, after grading and pressing.

There are loads of variations to be made and I’m going to make two more blocks using these fabrics and will turn the four blocks into a small spring wallhanging piece. Then I’ll start planning a slightly larger piece using one of the other sizes or perhaps even all three sizes. And I’ll definitely be doing some fussy printing/cutting as some really fabulous special effects could be had.

Initially I thought I’d do something dramatic for the first few blocks, but decided I needed to do something that made me think of warmer weather as the last two days were nasty – our first taste of real cold weather this winter. Thankfully, it began warming up last night but Monday and Tuesday were not pleasant!

So next up will be pics of whatever two variations of the Key West Beauty I decide to make for this and then I’m going back to the quilt labels and Double Wedding Ring. Until, that is, the next distraction comes along. Because, as we all know, I get distracted far, far too easily.

Although I had no “help” picking out fabrics this time, I often do.

Fabric - yumwtmk

Which was the inspiration for “Fabric – YUM!!!!”


This picture of Baxter and Jake makes me laugh – Jake’s tongue sticking out and Baxter making sure that Cappy can’t get away by lying on top of it.

18 thoughts on “Distracted – Again!

    • I know, I know – not a surprise, because I generally can’t resist new collections and playing!! Never fear, there will be pink soon enough – because I AM finally getting close to starting to get the fabrics picked for Valse Brillante and it will have lots of wonderful, glorious pink!! 🙂




    • It would be a great combination in a large piece for sure. I’m going to make two more of the variations that are possible with this collection in the fabrics I’ve used for the first two and put it together as a small spring piece. I would really like to take some time to figure out fabric choices for a larger quilt using the shapes and do some fussy cutting/printing to get a special effect going. I think I’ve even picked out the focus fabric for that.




    • I think it’s a lot of “this is mine” with Baxter and Cappy!! He’s very possessive about that particular toy. I needed to see something that made me think of spring after our two days of cold winter weather and that’s what drove that particular fabric selection. Thankfully we’ve gone back to milder weather for a few days.




    • I think it’s my inability to resist the new collections!! This one, in particular, really grabbed my attention because of that lovely kite shape. It just added some real fun to the mix! 🙂




    • It’s SO nice to be out of that slump!! That was not fun at all. There is something about this new collection that I find totally irresistible – I think it’s all the variations that are possible and that kite just makes it SO much fun!!




  1. I love the block too & have succumbed to the 6 inch size, Haven’t printed any fabric yet but thinking of green & white for an xmas runner. If I start now I might just get it done….. Haven’t posted for a long time myself. Love to see the kitties & know you are stitching again.


    • A green and white Christmas runner sounds wonderful! The collection is wonderful – all those variations to play with! I hope you post pictures of the runner once you get started!




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