A Finish and A Beginning


Wednesday night I took the last stitch and the butterfly kaleidoscope stars top is finished. All completely hand pieced. And every minute of it was pure enjoyment. It is approximately 55 x 84.  I purposely did half stars at the sides as I love the look of old quilts that just stop. No borders, no finishing a block. Just stopped. And that was what I decided to do with this one. I think I’ll bind it with a red that matches the red in the butterfly print. I started making the stars in August 2013 and finished the top in October 2014. For me, that’s pretty quick given how many projects I seem to work on at the same time.


All the stars and the connecting triangles came from this fabric. Amazing what a little fussy cutting/printing can do! Of course I printed all my shapes on the fabrics with Inklingo – the diamonds and the 4″ equilateral triangles and half triangles to finish off the ends of alternate rows.

I felt a bit lost when I finished this top. So what did I do?


Got the grouping together for a quilt I’ve wanted to start for a while. I had promised myself I wouldn’t start it until I got at least one top finished. Now that I have? Well, now I’ll be off to the races with these fabrics. The printer will be busy churning out sheet after sheet of shapes this weekend as I get everything I need for this new quilt printed and ready to stitch. It will be fun to stitch and will make me think of summer as we’re getting altogether too close to that season that begins with “W”.


“Butterfly Invasion.”


Jake may look as though he’s asleep, but he was watching as Baxter approached the kitty tree. They have an uneasy truce as to who has possession of the upper tier of the tree.


Earlier Baxter was doing his version of a headless cat pose. But I think it’s easy to find his head in this one.

17 thoughts on “A Finish and A Beginning

  1. lovely finish, and the next one, those pale summery colours will be so good to work with on a winter’s day. Have you ever added up the hours of stitching? Recently a friend who does stunning long arm quilting, did posts with the numbers of hours for each part. I was amazed at how long it really took. Cheers,Jean


  2. Cathi, your butterfly quilt is really scrumptious – well done! I read somewhere that quilt borders used to be considered a frivolous use of fabric, which is why so many old quilts had none. Alien butterflies are very pretty too. Jake, possession is nine-tenths of the law, you know…….Baxter seems quite happy with his bed!


  3. I so loved this finished quilt as it reminds me of why I got into quiltmaking in the first place…the synergy. Where the whole becomes so much greater than the sum of its parts. Who knew all those wee stars you put together would create this effect once joined together? Well, you likely did LOL! But I love it a lot; just stunning.

    Also tickled with Jake’s casual vigilance. Baxter was an only child for a while there LOL! (speaking as one myself. ) Guessing he didn’t mind that pecking order. ;-p


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