A Quartet of Butterfly Kaleidoscope Stars

More before and after pictures with this quartet. I’ve been having fun finding their before shots.


First up.


The after shot. The centre of this one makes me think of a palm tree.


The second, with its before shot.


And its after shot. This one makes me think of a big flower.


The third in this group.


Its after shot. A pinwheel? Maybe.


And the final one of this group.


Its after shot. And this one definitely makes me think of a pinwheel.

There have been times the past week when it seemed like the pile of butterfly kaleidoscope stars still to be turned into huge hexagons had not been going down at all. But suddenly I can see the end approaching and I’m thinking that maybe by the end of next week I’ll be done with this stage of turning the butterfly kaleidoscope stars into a quilt top. Maybe. If I don’t get distracted by another impossible to resist tiny Patchwork of the Crosses block.

And it seems like these four all are predominantly red or orange. I think I had loosely sorted the stars into groups by colour so I will hit groups of similar ones as I work on getting them surrounded by their setting diamonds.

We have had some thunderstorms the past few days. Yesterday there was some thunder rumbling in the distance and the rain we got was unbelievable. It came down very heavily for quite a while. And I think it inspired today’s ‘toon …


“Quite the Storm.”


And what’s a kitty to do on a rainy, stormy day? Sleep. Jake found a big pal to curl up with.


While Baxter sprawled on the couch.

6 thoughts on “A Quartet of Butterfly Kaleidoscope Stars

  1. I love the fabric in the surrouending diamonds. It makes each beautiful star shine. We also had a storm like”Quiet the Storm” only my rain gear wasn’t quite as fashionable as everyone’s in the picture.


    • Patricia,

      I used the Inklingo 2″ 60-degree diamond collection to print the diamonds on the back of my fabric, using the No Waste Fussy Cutting technique that can be seen on the All About Inklingo August 16, 2013 blog post. It’s really easy to get the kaleidoscope effect using that Inklingo technique.


  2. It’s quite surprising how different the stars look when set in their background……and how much is lost from the edge of the stars at the same time! We will gladly take any surplus rain you don’t want, you know.


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