And Then There Were Three


Three of the little 4.5″ Patchwork of the Crosses blocks, that is.


I just couldn’t resist on the weekend and made one more to add to the slowly growing pile of these way too cute for words tiny blocks. There are 24 of the .50″ 90-degree hexagons in each one of the little blocks. And I’ve found a fairly quick stitching sequence. I love the effect that fussy cutting/printing the centre four hexagons is giving – all the centres will be from the same fabric but no two centres will be alike.


I thought I’d show the back before I grade those tiny seam allowances. The backs of these blocks are almost as much fun to look at as the fronts.

It’s very, very hard to drag myself away from these, but I am getting oh, so tantalizing close to having all the butterfly kaleidoscope stars turned into hexagons and then I’m going to – I’ll try to concentrate on putting that top together. But I can feel the call of another quilt that is already completely designed in my mind made with ’30s fabrics. I’ve been trying to resist the idea for a while but it’s shouting now, rather than just whispering.




We have had some real downpours and the flowers on the roof garden are looking a little beat up from the heavy rain. But thanks to that rain everything looks wonderfully green and lush out on the roof garden. So far we haven’t had any of the high heat/humidity which also helps.

alien art lessonwtmk

“Alien Art Lesson (Did Aliens Pay a Visit to Picasso?)”


It’s very hard to resist this little face. He sleeps through having his picture taken.


Baxter can’t resist helping when we’re changing the bed. And oh, how he helps – biting pillowcases, planting himself firmly in the middle of the bed and refusing to move.

7 thoughts on “And Then There Were Three

  1. From your title this morning, I thought you adopted another kitty! Ok, 3’s a crowd! I absolutely LOVE those tiny blocks, amazing quilt on the horizon!
    And changing sheets is always a fun cat activity!


  2. Love the tiny blocks but am anxious to see the butterflies finished. Good luck restraining that marvelous brain of yours from leaping forth to new ideas. And Alien has nothing over you in teaching Kittens new ideas as you do us. You both must have a little Picasso in you to create such beautiful things.


  3. I’m waiting for the butterflies to be finished too – but those little POTC blocks are very cute, the leafy green swirl fabric is gorgeous. Those are lovely flowers, do you know what they are? Hello to the artistic kitties this morning…….great art, boys!


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