Some Before and After Kaleidoscope Stars

I said yesterday I was going to find some of the before shots of these stars and I have. For four of the five I’m showing today, at least. Try as I might, I couldn’t find the fifth one’s original shot. I know it’s buried in here somewhere, but I couldn’t find it.








After – and the red had mostly disappeared.




After. And once again, the red has mostly vanished.




After. With this one, I think it would have helped had we taken it with exactly the same light – but yesterday was cloudy and I think the before shot was taken in sunlight.


No before shot for this one.

I’m really finding it interesting to see just how much of a difference it makes to lose that bit of colour in the seam allowances as each butterfly kaleidoscope star is surrounded by its setting diamonds. And it’s going to make deciding where to position each star fun when I get them all ready to be set together.


“Gardening”  It has been raining a fair bit the past few days. I guess that’s what inspired the ‘toon.


Jake was sleeping with his paw over his nose.


Mr. Q.O. says Baxter was trying to convince us he was a Siamese kitty. Good try, Baxter – but you can’t fool me! I know you’re a goofy Maine Coon kitty.

5 thoughts on “Some Before and After Kaleidoscope Stars

  1. It is interesting seeing how much the stars change as they lose their seam allowances, isn’t it! Jake seems to have settled in to the Q.O. life very well – and Baxter, we know you aren’t really a Siamese, if you please.


  2. I have been surprised at what colors I lose in the seam allowance. Sometimes something that I really would like but I am not willing to lose more fabric trying to save it. Seems like we are always having to make choices. Not between good and bad colors but between good and good colors. Kittens and alien look like me carrying water to my raised beds, which I also find calming like stitching.


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