Another Trio of Butterfly Kaleidoscope Stars

I really didn’t mean to just disappear from blogging for almost a week. It just happened. But I have been very busy stitching more of the butterfly kaleidoscope stars. They’re very quick to stitch as each one is surrounded by its setting diamonds using nothing but continuous stitching.


I am not going to say anything about something like which is my favourite of this trio other than …


… to say that surrounding each one with its setting diamonds …


… is like revisiting an old friend. And I love just how different they look once they have been surrounded.

One of these times, I’m going to find the before picture of a star and put it with its after picture. The changes are, for the most part, quite subtle but they’re there. And they have made me very glad that I decided to wait until I have all the butterfly kaleidoscope stars surrounded before starting to sew them together into the top. I have a feeling there will be a lot of arranging and rearranging on the design wall when I get to that stage.

There are loads more stitched, but they’re awaiting their turn to be pressed before being photographed. I plan to get that done today.


“Alien Star-Pattern Maker”


Jake sometimes sleeps upside down. And we got this sweet little picture of him, proving just that.


The last few days there have been some lion-sized growls coming out of Baxter. Why? Because the window washers have been moving the ropes and he does not like those ropes. Not even the tiniest bit. The first time we heard the growl, we didn’t know what it was. We kept looking at each other, trying to figure out where the noise we were hearing was coming from. Something finally caught my eye and there was Baxter, on the floor staring oh, so intently out the window and I could actually see that he was growling. But once the ropes are moved and out of his sight, he’s happily right back up on the windowsill or kitty tree.

3 thoughts on “Another Trio of Butterfly Kaleidoscope Stars

  1. Cathi, that is going to be such a beautiful quilt! Perhaps Baxter think the ropes are snakes? We used to have a cat who attacked the vacuum cleaner hose every time she saw it, it was orange and black so we think she may have mistaken it for a snake.


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