Best Laid Quilt Plans … Out The Window!

I’m in trouble. Major trouble. I was sure that after I finished Springtime in Paris I’d start working on setting the butterfly kaleidoscope stars together. Had the setting figured out. Everything was planned. I’m rather enjoying having projects planned out a bit. Then it was going to be the 3″ basket charm quilt. And then the wild floral kaleidoscope stars. All planned. Then? Then trouble hit.


Then I saw this. Being a baseball fan, I’ve thought that I’d like to do a baseball quilt at some point but had nothing particular in mind. But that? Oh, my. A blue and white one. And I think I may just have the right blue in my stash – ’cause it has to be the right blue, the blue of the Blue Jays.

It’s curved piecing – my absolute favourite. And it’s Drunkard’s Path, which I clearly can’t get enough of. And as it will be a two-colour quilt, I won’t even have to search for different thread colours as I stitch. Just find the right blue thread and go with that. What could be better – once I get Springtime in Paris finished, that is – than working on what will be my baseball quilt during baseball season?

I’m sunk. Well and truly sunk. Forget kaleidoscope stars. Forget teeny tiny baskets. Forget everything. Once Springtime in Paris is finished, this is what I’ll be doing. No question! My only decision will be what size my baseballs will be as we have eighty gazillion different sizes of Inklingo Drunkard’s Path collections. Well, okay – that’s a slight exaggeration. But do I go with the tiny 2″ size – my initial choice, of course – or something larger? Maybe the 3″, 3.5″, 4″, 6″ or 7″ ones? Knowing me, I’ll end up with the 2″ size but you never know. Stay tuned.

This is the little YouTube video I was watching that led me down this path of no return. There are lots of other possible layouts to be seen, but I developed total tunnel vision as soon as I saw the baseball setting.

There has been progress on Springtime in Paris and there will be an update on it on Monday.


“Fabric Shopping in Paris.”


Jake definitely knows how to make himself comfortable.


As does Baxter.

6 thoughts on “Best Laid Quilt Plans … Out The Window!

  1. I am shocked! I thought a new LeMoyne star would appear. Your ideas never end. Keep them coming. I wish I was shopping with the little ones. Have a great weekend.


  2. See I would do the best of both worlds. I would use the 7 and the 3.5″ and create an on point square with the large bordering an infield with small. Like having a baseball diamond shape with the large and small in the infield and outfield. Understand what I am saying 🙂 I would go small too though so you could do 2 and 4 inches…


  3. I can see it as a baseball quilt. My Dh would love one done in NY yankee colors.. I will have to keep it in mind. To many quilts waiting in the shadows right now. .It is very clever..I love it!


  4. Speaking of getting distracted, I saw this post last night then watched the video and visited inklingo and spent a while plotting and forgot to come back 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing what fabrics you pick. And which size


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