What Else?

What else have I been doing, that is?

drunks andalienwtmk

Well, although I’m now completely caught up in Springtime in Paris, I have managed to stitch a few more of the little Drunkard’s Path units. They’re the perfect thing to stitch when I have just a little time as it’s very quick to make a four-unit square. But the ones on the left? They’ve fooled me more than once and I’ve had to unstitch. That’ll teach me to not pay attention.


This is the other thing I’ve been doing. Slathering this stuff on my hands. Repeatedly all day every day. This awful winter has really taken its toll on my hands – splitting dry, dry skin. But this CeraVe cream has saved the day. Both a doctor and our pharmacist recommended it and they were so right.


Tuesday it was magnificent – mild and sunny and even warm enough that people were sitting out on the roof garden. Yesterday? Yesterday it was cold and snowing and snowing and snowing some more. The same view, 24 hours apart – Tuesday on the left, Wednesday on the right. And today? Today we’ve got a wind chill warning. Surely this is winter’s last gasp.


“Resourceful Kitties Found a Fish Market.”


Jake really loves the pink couch when it’s time for a catnap.


And Baxter’s rather fond of the pink chair.

5 thoughts on “What Else?

  1. I had not heard of that cream I bet it is not sold here in the states. I have been slathering lotion on my hands a lot too. They are not doing too bad right now – the fabric really draws moisture out of our hands doesn’t it. I have heard of others that had the snow storm too. I’m sure you are ready for spring – we already have bad tree pollen! beginning to be spring here.(now that I said that it will probably be cold soon again)


    • I just saw Karen’s comment and wanted to interject that I have purchased this lotion at Walmart…… so you should be able to find it in the states. 🙂


  2. We have the same skin problem here, but ours is from heat! Sorbolene cream is helpful, is that available in Canada? Have to watch out for those tricky blocks, you know…….so long as there are enough chairs for the kitties, it doesn’t matter about the humans.


  3. Love the littleproject box for springtime.
    I understand taking tume to plan out a quilt. It usually pays off, especially when it comes to colour placement.
    Looks like you’re in a curved piecing mood with springtime and this one. Don’t forget your orange and white has curved piecing too so should also get some love 🙂
    Wow that is a contast for just 24 hours.
    Great pics of the cats. I see Jake has a toy with him. Macros was never big on toys so it’s fun to see cats that are


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