Introducing …

Jake chairwtmk

… Jake.

Jake has been living here for almost a week but I was waiting to make sure he and Baxter got along before introducing him. The first 24/36 hours we weren’t too sure as there was much growling and hissing on both sides. But after that?


Well, after that initial period, Jake and Baxter have become the best of friends. They have grand kitty chases, wonderfully funny paw-waving episodes and both keep tabs on the other. And when there’s something as much fun as a box to explore, they’re right there together investigating. There has been no fur flying or fights. Just lots of play. We’re thrilled!


They eat together too.

Jake has seen Baxter drinking and doesn’t know quite what to make of it!

Jake snapwtmk

Jake is an older kitty, although you’d never know it. We heard about him from a neighbour who told Mr. Q.O. that a kitty in the building was in desperate need of a home after his owner passed away. We talked to the pet sitter, another neighbour of ours, who had been taking care of Jake and was trying to find him a new home. Then we went up to meet Jake. One look and for me it was a done deal. I have a real weakness when it comes to red kitties. And this little red kitty is nothing but affectionate and a big bundle of purrs. One pat and the purring begins.

Jake’s eyes are an amazing shade of blue-green and his coat is like silk – so, so soft! And yes, I am over the moon about this little kitty. He has added so much to our household and we are so glad that we were able to give him a home.  We think Baxter is even happier now that he has a playmate.  The chases are a wonderful thing to watch. And those chases are instigated by both. If anything, I think Jake has more energy than Baxter even though he is older.

There’s another little red kitty being introduced to the blogging world today, although some sneak peeks were to be seen yesterday. If you like kittens, you’re going to lose your heart to this little red kitten. So go and meet Pappy.


Today’s Baxtertoon is — well, all about welcoming Jake to our household and to the blog!

21 thoughts on “Introducing …

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  2. Let the hiss and bop play begin! Then run through the house like your hair is on fire and jump on the rocker recliner back for a final carnival ride! I think kitties really do like to have a friend. Even if they won’t admit it!


  3. OhMy, Baxter is such a personality! I watched the drinking video and I laughed tears in my eyes! I don’t know, if this is a part of Maine Coon’s personality, but they seem to always do things most complicated way… at least my Fenix do;o) I’m also so happy that Jake found a very good home and Baxter got a true friend!!!


  4. How fun to meet Jake! And I’m so glad he and Baxter are getting along so well. Baxter needed a buddy! Happy that Panda was there in the ‘toon to welcome him too. What a sweetheart Jake is! I’m so happy he is affectionate too, Cath. We love our kitties, don’t we?


  5. How fun – a new kitty! Two kitties are always more fun than one. Glad they get along. Our Cocoa is an only kitty right now. He’s not too friendly with other kitties or dogs. He likes being the only and is just a smidge spoiled. I’m looking forward to the Baxter/Jaketoons!


  6. Jake is one special cat, his eyes say so much. I hopped over to meet Pappy too, and red kitties have that special attraction. We loved our 2 boys so much. Greetings from Jean p.s. enjoy watching them together, nothing like double the fun.


  7. Congrats Cathi. So glad your family (the cats) worked out. You always have entertainment. They are SO FUNNY, best wishes. Our three kittens are growing like weeds. I love them, each with a unique personality…


  8. I think it’s great that you were able to offer Jake a home and am glad to see (over all these posts I’ve been catching up on) that they’re getting along so well. He’s a gorgeous little boy just like Baxter


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