Specialty Mug Rug


Remember this little 7 Sisters quilt that’s the size of a 2.5″ hexagon that I made with .50″ 60-degree diamonds?


Well, it has turned into a specialty mug rug. A mug rug for Timbits. Timbits are from the Tim Hortons coffee/doughnut chain here in Canada. They’re basically doughnut holes that are pretty much irresistible and come in a variety of flavours. A friend didn’t believe that a Timbit could fit on each one of the tiny stars in the little quilt. That, of course, meant we had to go get some Timbits to prove that they would fit. And they do. Just barely, but they do. One Timbit on each star.




Baxter captured mid-yawn on a pillow with a friend.

6 thoughts on “Specialty Mug Rug

  1. Yippee! A special mug rug for Timbits. It doesn’t get much better than that! I can almost taste a chocolate one right now. Sure wish I had some with my morning coffee today. Love the kitbits too!


  2. I was just going to comment that I know someone who would love to be sharing your Timbits…….. I like the name Timbits because my youngest son is named Tim.
    Beautiful mug rug. Love the Baxter yawn, it’s tough to catch those with the camera.


  3. They look yum. And well deserving of such a beautiful little mug rug.
    Love the photo of Baxter.
    And I bet a treat shop for cats and dogs like the toon would actually do quite well 🙂


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