Tiny Periwinkle Block


After making the large periwinkle block for the Inklingo Periwinkle reverse mystery quilt, I was determined to make a smaller one using the .75″ octagons. Although doing so involves using freezer paper templates and tracing around them rather than being able to print the template directly on to fabric, I can’t resist the little blocks. The finished size of the little periwinkle block is 4.25″.  It takes a bit of time to iron the templates on to fabric, cut around them and then trace the stitching lines on, but I plan to make one a week for a while to make a tiny periwinkle quilt.

I’m so used to how fast it is to print the templates directly on to fabric using Inklingo that it was a real eye-opener when I realized just how long the whole process takes when using freezer paper templates. I can’t believe I did that for every single piece of my various Quilted Diamonds diamonds.


These are the little freezer paper templates I used to make the kites for the tiny periwinkle block. As they are so small, I’m going to be able to use even the smallest of scraps. I’m grateful that I can print the .75″ octagon templates directly on to fabrics as I somehow doubt I’d be as inclined to make the little blocks if I had to trace every single shape.

I think spring may finally be getting close. On the weekend we saw the woodpecker out on the roof garden as well as an absolutely stunning cardinal. The cardinal was a nice touch of colour on what was a mostly grey and overcast weekend.


Looks like Baxter and his pals are finding some birds to watch in today’s ‘toon.


Mr. Q.O. put the mouse on Baxter. He didn’t move – just sat there for the longest time, totally ignoring the toy.

10 thoughts on “Tiny Periwinkle Block

  1. Very cute little block. I am deciding if I really NEED the collection to do those blocks with….hahaha as if I didn’t have e rough on the go. Baxter was not amused by the mouse it seems. It’s autumn here and Spud has decided he really likes my lap or if that is occupied my shins! Spring is a lovely time of year isn’t it.


  2. Nice periwinkle! Baxter sure has the dressed up look while strolling through the garden! And unless it’s their idea to play with a toy, sometimes ignoring a toy is the thing to do!


  3. I saw two cardinals saturday morning in the same tree, and I too thought what a beautiful break from the bleak colors of winter.


  4. What a teeny tiny block!~ I love watching you work, Cathi!
    I see a Woodpecker, a Cardinal, and a Painted Bunting in Baxter’s garden today! Love the butterfly too. So glad your Spring is so near. I know you are ready.


  5. Cute blocks, Cathi! Love the tiny one even tho it was a bit of a pain. Gosh I remember those FP days! It was great then, but Inklingo is oh so much better!
    Baxter looks so bored! lol


  6. I looked and the first comment out of my mouth was ” Are you kidding me!” How do you do it? I know I ask this repeatedly, but your patience factor must be out of this world. You cant possibly be a Type A or you’d have ripped these to shreds by now. LOL.


  7. The little blocks are so sweet. Yep it does take a lot of time to trace :0) Hope you don’t get a surprise snow storm like we had yesterday….17″s ICK.



  8. Love the tiny little block.
    I’ve never tried the freezer paper technique before, always plastic templates. But I can see how the freezer paper might improve accuracy


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