Stitch Me Up Blog Hop — It’s My Day!

This is another fabulous blog hop thanks to Madame Samm. Jane of Jane’s Fabrics and Quilts has been a great cheerleader and organizer for this fun blog hop, so a huge thank you to her as well. There have already been lots of wonderful projects to see with the promise of more to come!


There were many reasons I wanted to join this blog hop, including the chance to use some of these beautiful Presencia threads from the sponsor, Colonial Needle. While I didn’t use them in the chair, I am using them in a couple of the other designs that I have already traced for other projects.

One of the biggest reasons I wanted to join was so that I’d get back to doing some stitcheries. I really enjoy doing them and don’t know why I haven’t been doing more. Thanks to the designs that we got for this blog hop, I know I’ll be making at least two more projects and likely a few more than that. What I discovered while doing the chair was that I love the colonial knot stitch. I can’t make French knots to save my life, but colonial knots? Love ’em. Want to make lots and lots of them. And that was thanks to the wonderful video at Mary Corbet’s Needle ‘n Thread website.

Thank you to the designers for this blog hop – Madame Samm, Debbie and Cyndi. We all got a pdf containing the designs from those three wonderfully creative ladies and then came the hard part; choosing which one(s) to stitch. It was a hard choice in many ways, but one design caught my eye right away and I immediately knew what I was going to make.


I couldn’t resist the chair and dress form design. Wouldn’t you love to have a big, comfortable chair like that in your sewing room in which to sit and stitch? I know I would! And stitching always makes me think of a stitching book. I’ve made them before, with orphan appliqué blocks, but I know this is the one I’ll be using most often.


As I knew what it was going to be and wanted the chair to have a sort of overstuffed look, after tracing the design I added the fabric to a piece of fusible batting and a backing.


Once the stitching was finished, I added a small border around 3 sides and a longer piece to the remaining side to turn it into a book. Then I added some batting and a backing, basted and quilted it with some very wonky cross-hatching and the book was almost done.


All that was left was to bind it and add a padded, quilted section for needles and pins on the back of the front cover, the pages of the book and two velcro squares to keep the book securely closed when not in use.


To make the little section for needles and pins, I just did some quick cross-hatch quilting on a small piece of fabric with batting and backing, appliquéd it on to the back of the front cover and it was done. There’s loads of room to keep threaded needles and pins.


I used some flannel to make the book pages. I measured and cut two pieces of flannel that were just slightly smaller than the book, stitched them down the centre and the book was ready for use.


A stitching book is useful to me when stitching things that I want to make sure I have in the right orientation, such as these pieces for another Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses block. The centre pieces will form a slight box design as long as I stitch them the right way. So having them laid out like this really helps.


In the summer, when I can take my stitching out to the roof garden, I will lay out a number of pieces for stars like these or some other blocks on the pages of the book, put some threaded needles in the needle holder at the front of the book and can spend loads of time outside stitching in the sunshine.


The stitching book got the Baxter seal of approval, as he was draped across my legs as I was appliqueing on the needle holder. I think he really would love a chair like this in which to curl up, which is what inspired today’s Baxtertoon.


He’s rather impatiently waiting for birds and squirrels to appear on the roof garden so he has something to watch from his kitty tree. For now, he’s got his back to the window but that will change the minute there’s some activity to be seen out there.

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65 thoughts on “Stitch Me Up Blog Hop — It’s My Day!

  1. What a wonderful idea and it is beautiful. Your stitching is gorgeous! This is an idea for my long, long list of things I want to do. I like the quilt on your sidebar as well. I’ll be coming back to visit.


  2. Oh you busy bee! Too, too, cute. and that is what these hops are all about, trying new things and remembering why we loved them in the first place. Thank you for playing.


  3. Your stitching book is just the cutest. Stitching in the sun sounds like a great way to spend some time esp. since we got snow again yesterday.


  4. Very beautiful and so practical. So romantic and pretty.

    I loved seeing you last clue also! Going to be such a pretty spring, summer quilt.


  5. Lovely embroidery. And love what you made with it.
    I’ve been feeling the yen lately for doing some stitching. Both cross stitch and embroidery. But a gal only has so much time


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